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A teacher, a gray-collar worker, teaches students
Life-Work Trends

Who are Gray-Collar Workers?

Explore the crucial (and growing) workforce you haven’t heard of yet—the gray-collar worker.
MODEX conference
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Workforce Management

Reflections From MODEX: 3 Key Learnings on Industry Challenges

The disruption of supply chains has sent shock waves through almost every industry it touches. During the 2022 MODEX Expo, three people-related challenges brought to light from the MHI Annual Industry Report stood out for logistics industry leaders to focus on during these unpredictable times.
Man with tablet in warehouse
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Your Next Employees Might Be Hiding – Here’s How to Find Them

Millions of people want to work, but barriers keep them hidden from employers. UKG and Accenture offer the flexible solutions that can bring them out of hiding.
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Employee Experience

Building a Better Employee Experience through Workforce Transformation

Hear insights from UKG’s President Chris Todd and Accenture’s David Shaw on how our partnership with Accenture helps customers create an optimal strategy for a more resilient, agile, and engaged workforce.
supply chain issues - out of stock for the holiday season
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Workforce Management

Supply Chain Issues — the New Grinch that Stole Christmas

The 2021 holiday season may have come and gone, but the headache of supply chain issues remain. The impact that this past holiday season left on the industry was significant, ultimately resulting in widespread product shortages and delayed deliveries. Learn how you can support your industry and employees right now, so you are prepared for the next holiday season.
Springfield Resurgent Book Cover
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Workforce Management

Building a Financially Sustainable Future: Lessons Learned From the CAFO of Springfield, Massachusetts

Learn how a city overcame tremendous fiscal challenges through a digital transformation and put themselves on the map for strong financial management.
fortune teller analyzing crystal ball while predicting the future of business people
Life-Work Trends

Double, Double Toil and Trouble: The Growing Anti-Work Debate

There's a growing trend of "anti-work" sentiments bubbling up throughout the world, but is work the real monster behind the mask or is it something else?
smart AI manufacturing of the future
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Manufacturing 2025: 5 Trends Shaping the Industry

The fight for talent in manufacturing is ever present. Manufacturers need to focus on adjusting how they manage employees and utilize technology to maximize performance, and ultimately position themselves for future success into 2025 and beyond.
Parents working from home and being supported by employer
Life-Work Trends

3 Lessons the Pandemic Taught Us About Supporting Working Parents

As organizations begin to slowly return to sense of normalcy, let’s not be too quick to do away with policies and programs designed to support working parents.
Man picking up food delivery from woman at a restaurant
Life-Work Trends

Gig Economy Trends: How 2020 Shaped the Future of Independent Contract Work as We Know It

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the way many of us live our daily lives – but what about gig workers? Many were likely busier than they’ve ever been this past year.