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A manager taking a stretch break for her mental well-being
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The Power of Caring for Your Mental Wellbeing

As a leader, it’s essential to place a high priority on your own wellbeing. Here are three things you can do today to help yourself, the business, and your employees.
Employees supporting each other with sobriety at work
Employee Experience

Sobriety at Work: Why Employers Should Address Substance Abuse

Substance use and abuse costs businesses $81 billion a year. Here’s what you need to know and how to address it in your workplace.
A manager meets with a problem employee about poor performance
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Rethinking Employee Discipline: How to Work With Problem People

We’ve all worked with difficult employees. Rather than setting someone up to be fired, try these strategies to turn a problem employee into a valuable team member.
A team of nurses work together
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Workforce Management

Wake-Up Call: It’s Time To Get Creative and Solve the Nursing Shortage

Just in time for Nurses Month, a new survey details how to better utilize and support nursing staff 365 days a year.
HR professional sitting at desk in office with eyes closed meditating for mental wellbeing
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Looking after yourself: 3 ways HR and payroll set a strong wellbeing example

Wellbeing at your organization starts with you - here's how HR and payroll model healthy standards.
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3 Actions That Help Foster a Culture of Belonging

Whether you are a leader or a co-worker, it is possible to increase belonging without fear of causing harm. Here are three actions anyone can take.
Jane and her family
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Life at UKG

How This U Krewer Celebrates Curiosity

Get to know UKG Group Vice President of Relationship Management Jane in this Women's History Month special edition Q&A.
Employee with blue jacket on leaving the office unexpectedly absenteeism concept
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3 benefits options HR can use to combat absenteeism

HR needs to lead with benefits to solve the issue of absenteeism - here are some ideas on where to focus.
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Creating a Level Playing Field for Women of Color in the Workplace

Making the workplace more equitable and disrupting the status quo requires leaning into courage. Read on to learn about The Manager's Pledge.
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The Loss of Attraction: Why Employees Disengage

The Great Resignation has put employees back in the driver’s seat. Learn about the three trends driving innovative benefits and perks in the workforce.