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Nurses Month - Professional Development
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Nurses: Keep Learning & Advancing Your Practice

During the third week of Nurses Month, we explore the theme of Professional Development. Within this blog, we explore the criticality of professional development and investment in learning & advancement.
Nurses Month - Recognition
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Nurses: We Recognize & Appreciate You

It’s the second week of Nurses Month and the theme of the week is Recognition. Within this blog, we explore what recognition is, what this form of gratitude conveys to nurses, and how to properly recognize and appreciate others.
HR and payroll team sitting around table at restaurant with laptops participating in eSymposium
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Rise up and become your best self at the spring HR & Payroll eSymposium

The spring HR & Payroll eSymposium is almost here - and this time it's all about you.
Nurses Month - Self Care
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Nurses: You Truly Make a Difference

It’s here: Nurses Month, a month-long celebration of nursing! Each week throughout May 2022 we’ll delve into a specific theme exploring how nurses make a difference. Week 1 is all about self-care and the ways in which we can invest in our own wellbeing while caring for the health and wellness of others.
HR professional sitting at desk in office with eyes closed meditating for mental wellbeing
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Looking after yourself: 3 ways HR and payroll set a strong wellbeing example

Wellbeing at your organization starts with you - here's how HR and payroll model healthy standards.
Small business employees at flower shop smiling behind counter at a great place to work
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Can a small business be a great place to work?

It turns out small businesses have some clear advantages that help HR build company culture - see the path you can take to become a great place to work.
Payroll professional standing with calendar board presenting pay cycle changes to two seated coworkers
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Evaluating your pay cycle strategy to gain efficiency and help your people

Changing pay cycles can seem overwhelming, but some practical steps can put you on the right path.
Life-Work Trends

A Day in the Life of a Teacher: Where User Experience and K-12 Education Intersect

Now more than ever, the employee experience — specifically, how an employee feels while interacting with a product — plays an integral role in products and services utilized by all K-12 districts.
Man with tablet in warehouse
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Your Next Employees Might Be Hiding – Here’s How to Find Them

Millions of people want to work, but barriers keep them hidden from employers. UKG and Accenture offer the flexible solutions that can bring them out of hiding.
Man operating a machine
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A Day in the Life of a Manufacturing Team Member, From Work-life Balance to Life-work Journey

The pandemic has shown that to thrive, employers must be flexible, adaptable, and truly invested in the needs and concerns of their employees if they want to retain their talent. To understand the reality faced by employees and organizations alike in this modern workforce, we developed a concept called the Life-work Journey™. To illustrate the positive change and flexibility that Life-work Tech can provide, read on to see a typical day in the life of a manufacturing team member.