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Don’t Press Your Luck: Focus On Retaining Casino Workers

Retaining casino workers is essential to closing the gap on the gaming talent shortage. Discover ways casinos can help retain skilled employees.
Nurses Month - Professional Development
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Nurses: Keep Learning & Advancing Your Practice

During the third week of Nurses Month, we explore the theme of Professional Development. Within this blog, we explore the criticality of professional development and investment in learning & advancement.
Strategies for employee retention
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5 Strategies To Retain — and Rehire — Top Talent

A new UKG study shows that nearly half of employees wish they’d never quit their last job. Here are five takeaways for managers to retain top performers.
Nurses Month - Recognition
Life-Work Trends

Nurses: We Recognize & Appreciate You

It’s the second week of Nurses Month and the theme of the week is Recognition. Within this blog, we explore what recognition is, what this form of gratitude conveys to nurses, and how to properly recognize and appreciate others.
Nurses Month - Self Care
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Nurses: You Truly Make a Difference

It’s here: Nurses Month, a month-long celebration of nursing! Each week throughout May 2022 we’ll delve into a specific theme exploring how nurses make a difference. Week 1 is all about self-care and the ways in which we can invest in our own wellbeing while caring for the health and wellness of others.
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3 Tactics to Engage New Hires and Foster Connection in the Workplace

Discover three creative community-building ideas to help foster connection and engagement with new employees.
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3 (FREE) Ways to Fast-Track Connection for New Employees

Learn 3 no-cost strategies you can implement to fast-track connection for new hire employees.
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Luck Has Nothing To Do with Your Employee Engagement

Don’t leave your employee engagement strategy up to luck. Employee surveys can be used in various ways to increase employee engagement. Discover the importance of using surveys to gather employee feedback on and thoughts about your organization.
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The Loss of Attraction: Why Employees Disengage

The Great Resignation has put employees back in the driver’s seat. Learn about the three trends driving innovative benefits and perks in the workforce.
The impact of DEI&B inequities and wage gaps on retention and engagement
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The impact of DEI&B inequities and wage gaps on retention and engagement

Few things disengage employees as fast as discovering pay inequities at work - see how HR can stay ahead and ensure fair compensation for all.