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UKG CEO Aron Ain meets with leaders from Clark Atlanta University
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Life at UKG

UKG Expands Recruiting Efforts to Attract Top, Diverse Talent

Explore how the UKG Belonging, Diversity, and Equity team has developed new relationships with HBCUs and strategic universities to recruit top employees.
Diverse group of people in a manufacturing plant
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3 Ways DEI&B Initiatives in Manufacturing Drive Organizational Success

Here’s why creating a work environment that supports all individuals helps build not only an engaged and productive workforce, but also helps manufacturing organizations stand out in the ongoing competition for talent.
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3 Actions That Help Foster a Culture of Belonging

Whether you are a leader or a co-worker, it is possible to increase belonging without fear of causing harm. Here are three actions anyone can take.
Jane and her family
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Life at UKG

How This U Krewer Celebrates Curiosity

Get to know UKG Group Vice President of Relationship Management Jane in this Women's History Month special edition Q&A.
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COVID-19’s Long-Term Ramifications on Pay Equity for Moms

Investing in childcare and in our mothers is an investment in the future and our economy. Find out what needs to change and how you can play a part.
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Addressing Pay Inequities Among LGBTQ+ Employees

Learn about the role of the HR leader in ensuring LGBTQ+ pay inequities and discrimination are addressed so all employees have access to the same protections.
HR team meeting in conference room with laptops discussing employee choice
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Why choice is your biggest competitor, and how HR embraces it to thrive

Choice is a powerful deciding factor in todays job market - see how HR can make it a focus to recruit and retain.
Black History Month
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Life at UKG

U Krewers Reflect, Connect During Black History Month

Learn about the inspiring stories of some of our Black U Krewers, recognizing the positive impacts they’ve made at work, at home, and in their community.
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Creating a Level Playing Field for Women of Color in the Workplace

Making the workplace more equitable and disrupting the status quo requires leaning into courage. Read on to learn about The Manager's Pledge.
HR professional leaning in on conference table and smiling while discussing employer brand ideas
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Crafting your employer brand: How to stand out

A great employer brand starts with what HR focuses on internally. See what areas matter most to the modern workforce.