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Advanced Payroll Solutions: Why Investing Is Worth It in the Financial Services Industry

It is easy to reject change when the process that you are using works. In order to keep advancing in this changing world, it is necessary to adopt more efficient processes. Find out why an advanced payroll solution should be the next change your company makes.
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Building Customer Connections at Banks and Credit Unions

This blog highlights the importance of building strong relationship with customers and the role technologies play in achieving strong customer connections. You will learn what customers care most about when choosing a bank or credit union to do business with. Additionally, you will learn about key UKG Banking Solutions such as Appointments, Lobby, Scheduling, and analytics that play a key role in making customers more happy, and connected with their financial services partner.
Banking during COVID-19
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Banking Post COVID-19: The New Digital Norm

The pandemic has greatly accelerated the implementation of business transformation technologies in the workplace and the acceptance of virtual technologies at home. In response to the acceleration of digital solutions, banks and credit unions have turned to products such as appointment setting and lobby tracking software to increase profitability and customer satisfaction through an omni-channel experience.