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Your source for practical insights and the latest life-work trends from UKG experts and leaders. Whether you’re an HR team of one or leading a global HCM and workforce management strategy, we’ll help you make smart decisions for your organization and put people first in all you do.

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Woman creating life-work balance
Life-Work Trends

From Foraging to Modern Technology: The Evolution of Life and Work

There’s a fascinating history to this thing called work. Explore the life-work journey and why it’s time to reconsider how we work.
Meet UKG interns
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Life at UKG

Meet the Interns: UKG Spotlights Summer Interns

July 28 is National Intern Day! To celebrate, UKG chats with two interns about their experiences and their top takeaways—for future interns and their managers.
Business Resiliency: The hummingbird vs. the rat strategy
Life-Work Trends

Is Specialization Overrated?

In a society that values hyper-specialization and efficiency, are we missing the bigger picture? Consider the hummingbird vs. the rat theory.
NWSL Athlete Sydney Leroux celebrates with her teammates
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Life at UKG

For NWSL Athlete Sydney Leroux, Equality is Worth Fighting For

One v. One: NWSL athlete Sydney Leroux talks her passion for pay equity and never giving up.
Hands and heart illustrating to demonstrate leading with love.
Life-Work Trends

How To Lead With L.O.V.E.—And Why It Matters For Your Organization

The topic of love might seem taboo in the workplace, but don’t let it fool you. At the heart of this approach is compassionate leadership and caring for your people.
A remote employee calls into a virtual meeting
Life-Work Trends

How to Keep Employees Connected in a Global and Hybrid World

The days of building relationships solely around the watercooler are long gone. Tap into three practical tools to keep employees engaged in a hybrid work environment.
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