Wrapping Up Your Summer Reading List? Don’t Forget These Must-See Healthcare Webinars

Healthcare Providers, Supervisors and Patients

It’s that time of year again with summer slowly fading into fall. A time when many of us wrap-up our summer reading list and start thinking about fall’s “back-to-school” learning objectives from a professional standpoint. Over the past few months, Kronos has been creating and delivering numerous webinars on hot topics ranging from building an agile workforce and optimizing scheduling to control costs to navigating the digital health transformation. 

In case you missed these, I’ve summarized the fall must-see webinars for you below. And for those interest in my top two summer reads, I’ve listed them at the bottom. 


Healthcare Nurse and Patient
  • Leading an Agile Workforce: In this panel discussion, here from Nanne M Finis, RN MS, Chief Nurse Executive of Kronos, and other subject matter experts discuss practical approaches that healthcare organizations can do to foster an agile workforce through data access and enablement to enhance staff engagement and improve patient service. 

  • Transforming Workforce Governance & Staffing Models to Withstand a Crisis: Hosted by the American Hospital Association (AHA), hear how BayCare Health System is redesigning staffing models and workforce governance structures, and optimizing scheduling to drive cost containment during the pandemic.  Also, hear how data-enabled HCM and WFM allows providers to quickly pivot and align staff to accommodate the unexpected. 

  • A Roadmap for Digital Health: Healthcare delivery is changing. In the webinar, learn how digital health technology is connecting providers and patients in ways that are transforming the delivery of care and how organizations can successfully manage this transformation.


Healthcare Supervisor

As for my two favorite summer fun reads, I recommend:

  • 28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand: The quintessential summer read set in Nantucket, MA based on the classic film Same Time Next Year. It’s the perfect beach read—a bittersweet love story about a non-traditional relationship.  

  • The Nightingale: A Novel by Kristin Hannah: An older book that I’m not sure how I missed it first time around, this was #1 as a New York Times Bestseller and Wall Street Journal Best Book of the Year. It tells the story of two sisters’ unbelievable stories in occupied France during World War II.