Value Added Resellers: Our Partners and Yours

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There are many ways to streamline your Public Sector Procurement Processes. In our previous blog on the topic, I spoke to cooperative purchasing.  That article highlighted individual vendors establishing cooperative contracts.  Vendors, such as UKG, respond to a lead agency solicitation; are awarded a master agreement; and you, a public agency, can “piggy-back” off that agreement.  In this article, I want to introduce another option, Value-Added Resellers.  

As a leader in the development of Human Capital Management and Workforce Management software and solutions, we dedicate our resources to improving our products and delivering world-class service to public agencies such as yours. In fact, we invested more than half a billion dollars in Research & Development in Fiscal Year 2020 to make your experience even greater. 

While we’d love to hold every possible award in every state or local cooperative, we keep our motto of “Our purpose is people” in mind. We have a constant focus on improving your employees’ experience, which means we’re very selective around where are resources are focused. I remain committed to helping you procure our products and services in the most economical manner, so at times I turn to our strategic Value-Added Reseller Partners (VARs). 

What are value-added resellers?

VAR’s specialize in providing IT software, hardware, and professional services to public agencies and are a leading sales channel for almost every technology company on the market.  VAR’s respond to competitive solicitations (RFx) by a lead agency and are awarded a master agreement.  Any affiliated public agency can piggy-back off their contract – just like UKG does for its cooperative agreements. The added benefit: instead of one manufacturer’s products available, there could be thousands! 

What are the benefits of utilizing them? 

With your combined buying power and a VAR’s comprehensive catalog, you could issue a single award to a reseller and acquire all of your complimentary products and services in one purchase order, a process that saves you considerable time and effort.  Before you even consider a solicitation, it’s comforting to have the confidence that the individual companies involved have handled all of the B2B agreements, offered their best-available pricing, and allowed you an easier path to contracting and ongoing contract management.    

UKG utilizes our strategic VAR partners to provide our customers access to the General Service Administration (GSA) and other Federal contracts, state contracts, and national & local cooperatives across the United States. 

Using a Value-Added Reseller is not always possible due to state or local laws, purchasing thresholds, or agency policies.  As always, double-check your organization’s policies, procurement guidelines, and any applicable state laws before proceeding.   


The Cooperative Contract Portfolio available through OMNIA Partners - Public Sector has several contracts awarded to VARs.

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