Life Sciences Rises to the Challenge

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While it is very apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced unforeseen challenges into our world, it may also be said that some unanticipated opportunities have arisen for certain industries, including the manufacturing industry. While much of the manufacturing industry has experienced significant pivot points throughout 2020, some of the fastest movers have been companies in the life sciences sector. There are some truly amazing things happening within pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturing these days.

At Kronos, we are proud to partner with hundreds of life sciences companies, including 7 of the 10 organizations on Fortune's Top Pharmaceuticals Companies, who leverage Kronos workforce management and human capital management solutions to empower and engage their most important resource – their employees. 

Now, more than ever, life sciences organizations are in the headlines daily as innovative technologies are rolled out and advanced medications are developed while the global community looks on, awaiting solutions. 

How are our Kronos life sciences customers making a difference? Today we want to highlight just a few examples of how these companies and their amazing employees have adapted quickly and are working to improve our lives:

Conducting Clinical Research and Trials

  • Several pharmaceutical companies are actively working on a vaccine for COVID-19, partnering with global companies for research and development as well as running clinical trials. 
  • Results from R&D projects are helping to drive development of antibody therapy to prevent and treat COVID-19, as well as to determine whether medications will help to improve patient outcomes. 

Supporting Volunteer Efforts and Local Communities

  • One global medical device company has enabled several of its own employees to take time off from work in order to volunteer as supplemental staff for hospitals in need of extra support. In addition, through its manufacturing capabilities, as well as global R&D resources, they have donated 1 million face shields for essential healthcare providers. 
  • Throughout the life sciences industry, companies are leveraging supply chain capabilities, expanding capacity, working non-stop, as well as partnering with universities and non-profit companies to allow more essential equipment, such as ventilators and PPE, to reach the field more quickly.

Offering Patient Assistant Programs

  • Many life sciences companies understand that some of their customers have encountered financial and personal setbacks recently and may be having trouble affording much-needed medications. To address this challenge, several pharmaceutical companies have established patient assistance programs to support their local communities by offering medication to qualifying patients in need of assistance due to job loss, loss of insurance, or other reasons.


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Gratitude for the Life Sciences Workforce

As we continue to monitor the evolution in life sciences, we should take a moment to acknowledge this important industry for its mission-critical work and continued efforts to create solutions in response to the global health crisis.

Most importantly, we owe a tremendous thank you to the incredible people who work in the life sciences industry. We appreciate the countless contributions you’ve made (and will continue to make) as you work tirelessly to improve the health, safety and quality of our daily lives. 

To learn how UKG workforce solutions can help life sciences organizations to empower and engage employees. check out the e-book Managing the Future of Work in Life Sciences.

Check out the e-book, Managing the Future of Work in Life Sciences.