How a Proud City Built a Fiscally Sustainable Future


The task of revitalizing a city can seem impossibly daunting, but the City of Springfield, Massachusetts proves that those who are ready to embrace digital transformation, overhaul internal processes, and invest in system-level changes will prosper.

Through a combination of strong financial management and savvy data analysis, Springfield’s leaders fixed their city from the inside out — freeing up resources, funding, and people power to drive a remarkably ambitious and successful citywide turnaround.

“Undeniably, our ability to implement automated systems like UKG — systems that brought data and trends to the surface — was a true catalyst for Springfield’s financial turnaround.”
—TJ Plante, Chief Administrative and Financial Officer, City of Springfield

UKG is a partner to thousands of U.S. government agencies across all 50 states, each focused on balancing the needs of constituents while advancing processes in the era of digital transformation. The UKG suite of HCM, payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions helps cities bring processes into the future to control their labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and maintain accuracy. We have seen it all; from working with change agents bringing tangible improvements to some of the nation’s most economically depressed urban centers to supporting the forward-thinking visionaries building the smart cities of the future. 

In all our experience with customers, it is rare to see a city turn around to the extent that Springfield has. From establishing good data governance to investing in system-level changes and data analytics that have given the city strategic labor insights, Springfield proves that those who are ready to embrace digital transformation and are willing to overhaul internal processes will prosper.

The results of the City of Springfield’s revitalization efforts are impressive:

  • Stabilizing the city finances to turn a massive deficit into a $50 million surplus
  • Leveraging its financial strength to create more than $4.5 billion in economic development
  • Generating savings that have freed up funds to improve public safety, revitalize neighborhoods, and complete significant school improvements



Download the Springfield Resurgent eBook, authored by Timothy J. Plante, the chief administrative and financial officer for the City of Springfield, to learn more about how the city has completed this amazing turnaround.