How Can Your School District Make the Most Effective Use of Allocated Funds?

K-12 teacher

K-12 school districts are eligible for unprecedented levels of funding from state and federal COVID-19 relief packages. But how can you develop spending plans that comply with legislative requirements and make the most effective use of allocated funds?  

Part of the Doing More with Less: K-12 Strategies for the New Normal series, our short video, How to Prioritize Spending of COVID-19 Relief Funds for K-12 Schools, features a fireside chat between Dan Tanner, UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) K-12 practice director, and industry expert Dr. Sheryl Abshire, former CTO at Calcasieu Parish Schools in Lake Charles, LA. 

With 40+ years as a respected educator, Sheryl shares valuable insights and answers key questions regarding: 

  • Getting a seat at the table where spending decisions are made 
  • Understanding compliance requirements for projects and programs 
  • Making process and technology changes to ensure districts are future-ready 

Don’t miss this timely discussion of top-of-mind issues with a recognized K-12 thought leader. Plus, keep an eye out for future videos featuring Sheryl that you won’t want to miss.



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