The Critical Impact of Leadership in Nursing Today

Leadership in Nursing

Nurses have been the leaders in this COVID-19 battle, and it’s evident that business leaders have had to rely on them to manage the business of healthcare like never before. The view of a hospital organization through the eyes of nurse leaders portrays a uniquely different place than a year ago. Essentially, the goal for every one of these leaders in 2020 was simply survival. 

Three of the most prevalent focus areas for these leaders and their organizations are:
  • finance
  • workplace
  • safety

As the Chief Nurse Executive at UKG, I have the opportunity to connect often with healthcare executives.  I have captured a few stories which highlight these themes and were major areas of attention over these pandemic months.  I am aware that this summary may be a bit pessimistic, but I do hope that you read this blog and consider how we continue the forward momentum from this current state.  We will and must learn from this period and sustain the best of the learnings and practices and evolve from here.

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