5 Tips for Building a Vaccine Management Program at Work

Woman receiving bandage following new vaccine mandate program

Even a year and a half later, it’s clear to see that the pandemic will leave a lasting impact on the employee-employer relationship. COVID-19 has changed the way employees work and heightened the critical role that employers play in protecting their employee and public’s safety. Some changes, such as the increased demand for more remote and hybrid work options, were already in motion; however, new concerns have also arisen for employers. The challenging labor supply market, high turnover of staffs and leaders in many industries, and the increasing expectation and demand for transformative digital innovation to mitigate much of the non-value-added human work is expanding. The world of a work is changing fast, and it is understandably difficult for employers to keep abreast of these new and fluctuating requirements.

Key Considerations for Effective Vaccine Management

Adding to this complexity is the global nature of COVID-related activities including vaccination, testing, and evolving legislative and regulatory requirements. Mandates that are locally or regionally dictated or more recently country-specific or corporate mandates are changing daily.

With that in mind, I’ve put together some quick considerations for you to keep in mind as you begin to plan or continue to implement your own vaccine management program:

  • Understand your employees and their current vaccine status and determine your policy of vaccination status for new employees
  • Review your employees’ home locations and provide for them access to local testing and/or vaccination sites
  • Determine your own policy and procedures and map out the specific testing, quarantine, vaccination, and religious and/or medical exemption processes and protocols
  • Develop a communication plan for your employees and for the public entering into your business setting
  • Develop a process for oversight of the plan including data, policy adherence, and retooling of process challenges as they may arise

Vaccine Management Resources for You

To help you and your organization navigate the world vaccine management, we’ve also put together a growing collection of resources.

We’ve talked about the challenges of vaccine management here, and we’ll be talking about solutions in this upcoming webinar. Join us as we discuss the many ways technology can quickly and effectively help your business:

  • Efficiently track who’s vaccinated and who isn’t, who tests positive or negative, who’s eligible for a booster shot, and more
  • Easily update policies and track acknowledgements
  • Ensure employees have met vaccination requirements before clocking in
  • View customized reports and dashboards related to vaccine status and testing

UKG Industry Brief: Fall 2021 | Embracing the “Great Reset”

For anyone working in the healthcare industry, this is a resource we’ve created specifically for you. In it, you’ll learn about:

  • The ongoing impact of medical staff shortages
  • AMA’s new framework highlighting the value of virtual care
  • Top priorities in healthcare today
  • And much more

Organizations to Follow

There are also some organizations I’d recommend checking in with for the most up-to-date information on vaccines and vaccine management requirements.