Top 5 Ways to Recruit (and Retain) Talent in a Tight Labor Market

Today’s post comes to us from Workforce Institute Executive Director, Chris Mullen, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR, and it includes the second of two “No Suits, No Slides!” videos this week featuring Workforce Institute advisory board member John Frehse.

As promised, today we’re sharing another video from the popular “No Suits, No Slides!” series, which features casual — but always informative — conversations about the labor market and what organizations can do to navigate current waters, as well as “the next normal.”

The latest episode features advisory board member John Frehse, senior managing director of labor strategy at Ankura, and Dave Gilbertson, vice president at UKG. They’re co-founders and mainstays of the series and both have spent years studying the economy and what it means for employers.

It’s still very much a candidate’s job market out there. But it’s not all doom and gloom. John and Dave share five top ways you can not only recruit top talent to your organization, but also retain current high performers (minor spoiler: the answers aren’t as complicated as you might think).

Whether you’re new to the “No Suits, No Slides!” series, or you just want to catch up (or re-watch) past episodes, you can check them all out below.

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