The Best Questions to Ask in a Stay Interview: The Workforce Institute Weigh-In

This month, The Workforce Institute Weigh-In explores the topic of stay interviews. Last week, Chris Mullen, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR, executive director of The Workforce Institute, discussed the importance of conducting stay interviews and shared several key questions to ask. Today, members of our advisory board weigh-in on additional questions to ask during a stay interview.

The Workforce Institute Weigh-In for May 2022: “What are the best questions to ask in a stay interview?”

“Would you accept another job offer from us, now that you’ve worked with us? Why or why not?” — Kate Bischoff, employment attorney, k8bisch, LLC

“Name one thing the company does well [Organizations can turn these comments into a Top 10 list for recruitment]. Name one thing the company should stop doing [Look for trends in this data].” — Sharlyn Lauby, author, HR Bartender blog

“Is there anything another organization could provide that would cause you to leave us? How can we work on giving that to you here?” — Alexandra Levit, author, Humanity Works

“Who is your best friend at work? Who is doing great work here at the company and inspires you? When was the last time you were recognized for great work?” — Laurie Ruettimann, host, Punk Rock HR podcast