Summer Listening List: Top HR Podcasts to Subscribe to Now

Today’s post comes to us from Workforce Institute Executive Director, Chris Mullen, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR.

Summer is a great time to catch up on the things you might have missed or put off during the busier times of the year. While many will recommend binge-worthy shows or their favorite reads — speaking of, have you checked out my colleague Jarik Conrad’s latest book, “In Search of Humanity,” yet? — we here at The Workforce Institute also wanted to provide a list of our favorite podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time on a long flight, road trip, bike ride, at the beach, or wherever your summer days might take you. You’re likely familiar with (and already subscribed to) our People Purpose Podcast, but did you know that many of The Workforce Institute advisory board members also host their own podcasts?

Check out our Summer Listening List below and discover your new favorite podcasts today!

The Hostile Work Environment Podcast
Hosted By: Kate Bischoff and Marc Alifanz
In this podcast, employment attorneys Kate and Marc break down the biggest employment law news while providing their own snarky takes for HR professionals. They give practical, non-legal advice on the whacky world of work and discuss what to expect going forward as employment law changes fast.

The HR Bartender Show
Hosted By: Sharlyn Lauby
The HR Bartender Show is a casual place to talk about work. Listeners get practical advice about how to be a better leader and manager, focusing on the employee experience, and career advice. Past guests have included The Workforce Institute’s own Julie Develin, Chas Fields, Alexandra Levit, Dan Schawbel, and even yours truly. Episodes might also discuss Sharlyn’s personal goal of finding the best cheeseburger on the planet. So, grab your favorite beverage, pull up a stool, and join the conversation. The bar is always open.

Leading in Color
Hosted By: Sarah Morgan
Leading in Color is a podcast about cultivating intentional, positive workplace experiences and environments — from recruiting and hiring, to training and development, to coaching and discipline, to policy and strategy, to trends and hot topics. The podcast tackles each area through a lens of diversity, equity, fairness, and inclusion, and episodes also highlight the unique challenges and cutting-edge creativity of leading with social consciousness in the corporate world.

While We Were Working
Hosted By: Joey V. Price and Sommer Ketron
This weekly podcast for HR pros and people leaders focuses on topics such as employee engagement, workplace culture, and HR law for the agile, modern workplace. In every episode, Joey and Sommer bring their own personal perspectives and years of experience to cover trending topics you might’ve missed while you were working. Episodes also stream live each week on LinkedIn.

Punk Rock HR
Hosted By: Laurie Ruettimann
As Laurie cautions: Work is broken, but all hope isn’t lost. Join the failed HR lady (Laurie) who went on to become one of the world’s top career advisers, as she talks to some of her closest friends and peers about what happens behind the scenes at your job. Speaking from personal experience as a guest, these are some great conversations.

5 Questions with Dan Schawbel
Hosted By: Dan Schawbel
Dan is a New York Times bestselling author. But, as a podcast host, he distills the most actionable and tangible advice from a variety of world-class humans, including entrepreneurs, authors, Olympians, politicians, billionaires, Nobel Prize winners, TED speakers, celebrities, astronauts, and more. In fewer than 10 minutes, guests respond to five questions with their best career advice.
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BONUS: Leadership in the Labor Shortage
Hosted By: John Frehse and Dave Gilbertson
Also known as the “No Suits, No Slides!” series, these videos technically aren’t podcasts, but each features a deep dive into the current state of the labor market from two of the best economic analysts out there today. John and Dave always find ways to present informative stats about the economy in a memorable, easily digestible way. Check it out today, if you haven’t already.

Have a favorite HR, business, or leadership podcast to share with our readers? Let us know!