Our Year in Review: 2022 at The UKG Workforce Institute

It’s our final post of 2022, if you can believe it! Today, we’re taking a look back at some of our must-read articles, must-listen podcast episodes, and must-watch videos from 2022 at The Workforce Institute.

Looking ahead, we’ve got a lot in store for you, our readers, in 2023 — plenty more of the great, actionable workplace insights you’ve come to expect from The Workforce Institute advisory board, as well as some new content we think you and your organization will benefit from in the years ahead. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe today, so you never miss an article, podcast, or study.

Introducing The Workforce Institute Weigh-In | February 17, 2022
In February, we launched a new monthly featured called The Workforce Institute Weigh-In. As the name suggests, each month, we ask our advisory board members to “weigh-in” on a particular HR topic. These are meant to be much shorter takes and bite-sized insights rather than our usual longer-form articles. That said, sometimes our experts have more to say on a given topic, so you’ll often see full articles in response to a question we posed. We’re excited to continue The Workforce Institute Weigh-In series in 2023.

Three Retention Strategies in a Candidate’s Market | April 27, 2022
Our popular “Leadership in the Labor Shortage” video series — also endearingly known as “No Suits, No Slides!” — rolled on with several new episodes over the course of the year. This was one of our most popular episodes from the series, which co-stars advisory board member John Frehse, senior managing director of labor strategy at Ankura, and Dave Gilbertson, vice president at UKG, offering their ever-casual, yet always informed, takes on what’s really going on in the current labor market. If you’re new to the series, you can catch up with every episode of No Suits, No Slides! today.

Is the Great Resignation Rife with Great Regret? | May 5, 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic has had great impacts on the workforce. One of the most prominent was the Great Resignation, where millions of people left the workforce. In 2022, we conducted a study to see whether those who left their jobs during the pandemic ultimately regretted the decision. Our results might surprise you — like how one in five employees who quit during the pandemic have already boomeranged back to their former employer. Learn what other interesting tidbits we unpacked from this study.

Why Stay Interviews Are the Best-Kept Secret to Retention | May 12, 2022
If millions of people say they ultimately regretted leaving during the pandemic, a natural question becomes: How do we keep our top performers from making that regretful decision in the first place? One answer is stay interviews. We actually covered stay interviews from a variety of angles this year, including the best questions to ask in a stay interview (via The Workforce Weigh-In) and, on the other side of the coin, what to do when it’s too late and you’re conducting an exit interview.

Summer Listening List: Top HR Podcasts to Subscribe to Today | July 12, 2022
For those who prefer a playlist over a reading list, here we offer some of our favorite podcasts that should be on your feed today. As it turns out, many of our advisory board members host or co-host their own podcasts (not just our friends Chas Fields and Julie Develin over at the People Purpose Podcast). If you’re looking to discover your next new favorite, our (Summer) Listening List is the place to start. By the way, these podcasts aren’t just great for summer, but also for fall, winter, and spring! Because, after all, HR doesn’t take any days off.

Quiet Quitting…or Career Correction? | September 6, 2022
The term “quiet quitting” took HR by storm in mid-2022. Here at The Workforce Institute, we offered our own take on the trending topic and what might actually be going on with employees who choose to quiet quit. As this article describes, maybe what we’ve actually been witnessing here is a series of “career corrections,” akin to when an otherwise-inflated stock market returns to some sense of normalcy.

Reasons for Returning to the Office: The Workforce Institute Weigh-In | September 15, 2022
The topic of returning to the office (RTO) has been a hot-button issue for organizations across the world this year, so it’s no surprise this was our most popular edition of The Workforce Institute Weigh-In for 2022. We had more than a dozen of our advisory board members provide their perspectives on this topic. If you’re still wondering about how to implement a successful RTO program or tweak your current plan, be sure to read this article.

The People Purpose Podcast: Looking at Leadership: Vital Criteria for Leaders in the Workplace | October 11, 2022
Effective leadership is one of those topics we constantly cover at The Workforce Institute because, well, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that wins the day. However, we can probably all agree it’s important for business success. Check out this episode of the People Purpose Podcast for an in-depth look at leadership.

The Workforce Institute Celebrates 15 Years! | October 13, 2022
October 2022 marked 15 years for The Workforce Institute at UKG, as we officially launched in October 2007! Back then, long before the monumental merger that created UKG, we were known as The Workforce Institute at Kronos and led by Joyce Maroney, who served as our first managing director. This milestone article celebrates our 15-year journey so far and provides a fun look back at our history.

We Need to Fix Work | November 18, 2022
Our latest global research study revealed that, when it comes to thoughts about work, it looks like we have a problem. For example, nearly half of employees worldwide (46%) surveyed said they wouldn’t recommend their company nor their profession to their children or any young person they care about, and 38% of employees globally said, “I wouldn’t wish my job on my worst enemy.” Clearly, we need to fix work. The good news is, we can! We’ll have more to say about this research in the months ahead, but this article provides preliminary thoughts on some of the more fascinating results.

On behalf of our entire advisory board and all of us at The Workforce Institute, we thank you for another great year! Here’s to a productive and successful 2023!