“No Suits, No Slides!” Returns with Three New Episodes

Everyone’s favorite video series has returned! The ever-popular “Leadership in the Labor Shortage” series — also known endearingly as “No Suits, No Slides!” — is back with three new episodes looking at what’s going on with the labor market from three different angles.

If you’re new to the show, this series began amid the pandemic about two years ago and features casual (but still informative) conversations about the current state of the economy, especially when it comes to labor (or lack thereof). It’s co-hosted by The Workforce Institute advisory board member John Frehse, senior managing director of labor strategy at Ankura, and Dave Gilbertson, vice president at UKG.

As the name implies, you won’t find any formal presentations or prepared statements in these videos. But don’t let John and Dave’s light-hearted banter and good-natured jabs fool you. They’ve both spent their careers studying the economy and what it means for employers, informed by their decades of experience and the latest workplace activity data and economic reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The first new episode, which is actually Episode 12 in the overall series, builds upon John’s prior article about the importance of corporate surveys and how leaders must continue to focus on fostering great workplaces for all people. Culture requires commitment, and how you treat your employees every day has a direct impact on your people and your business — especially in a tight labor market.

In the second new episode, John and Dave chat about the differences between the economy and the labor market. While the economy certainly impacts the labor market, and vice versa, they are not the same. In Episode 13, the co-hosts breakdown the relationship and discuss how, sometimes, bad news for the labor market can actually be good news for the economy.

The third new episode (Episode 14) of No Suits, No Slides! zeroes in on the healthcare industry — how it’s already been impacted by the labor shortage, and what may be in store for healthcare in the coming months, especially with respect to the current labor market and talks of a looming “jobful recession.”

I hope you enjoy watching these new episodes as much as I did. And, remember, if you’re new to the No Suits, No Slides! series, looking for your next great bingeable show, or just want to catch up (or re-watch) past episodes, you can check out the entire series here.