Monthly Recap: November 2023 at the UKG Workforce Institute 

It’s been another busy month at the UKG Workforce Institute — including a special five-part partner series with Employ on the latest talent acquisition trends. If you missed any recent insights, research, or podcasts from us, here’s a look at our conversations from November 2023. 
Will Friday’s Jobs Report Chill or Thrill? 
Ahead of the October jobs report, we featured a look at the frontline labor market, based on the monthly UKG Workforce Activity Report, a high-frequency index analyzing shift work trends from 4.3 million people across more than 35,000 U.S. businesses to understand the economy. 
What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition? Overcoming the Perfect Storm 
This past month, we launched a special partner series with Employ, called “What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition?” Over two weeks, industry experts from UKG explored new research from Employ and discussed current talent acquisition trends across industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to logistics and the public sector. Here’s the first article, from Michael E. Puck. 
What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition? News for Job Seekers, Recruiters in Healthcare 
In continuation of our partner series, “What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition?” UKG Workforce Institute advisory board member Nanne Finis, RN, MS, chief nurse executive at UKG, discusses talent acquisition trends in the healthcare industry. 
What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition? Understanding Candidate Goals and Industry Trends in Logistics 
In part three of our partner series, “What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition?” Robert O’Dwyer, industry fellow in logistics at UKG, discusses the latest talent acquisition trends in the logistics industry. 
The People Purpose Podcast: LIVE Aspire 2023 Recap 
It’s a very special episode of the People Purpose Podcast, as Chas Fields and Julie Develin report live from UKG Aspire 2023. They share their experiences and takeaways from a week at the can’t-miss UKG customer conference in Las Vegas. 
What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition? Implications for Hiring in the Public Sector 
To continue our partner series, “What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition?” Bob Lavigna, industry fellow for the public sector at UKG, explores what Employ’s research could mean for hiring in the public sector. 
What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition? The State of Recruiting in Manufacturing 
To close out our five-part partner series with Employ, Kylene Zenk, industry fellow for manufacturing at UKG, dives deeper into talent acquisition trends in manufacturing. 
The Forgotten Topics in HR: The UKG Workforce Institute Weigh-In 
HR covers a lot of areas, and we talk about them a lot. This month, the UKG Workforce Institute Weigh-In discusses the topics HR doesn’t discuss enough. 
The People Purpose Podcast: Paralyzed by Pings: Prevent Push Notification Productivity Sabotage 
Is your life overrun by push notifications? In this episode of the People Purpose Podcast, Chas and Julie cover the stresses that an overwhelming amount of notifications can cause. 
Doing Any Holiday Shopping or Retail Hiring? Read This First. 
Have you been to a retail store lately? We review the intriguing results from the fourth-annual UKG retail survey, and what it all means for retailers, their frontline employees, and the shoppers they serve. 
“Healthcare is a Calling More Than It is a Business.” — An Interview with Dr. Henry Mintzberg 
This article features key takeaways from an in-depth interview between advisory board member Nanne Finis, and Dr. Henry Mintzberg, the acclaimed Canadian scholar and business management specialist. 
The Festive Shift: Rethinking Alcohol’s Role in Corporate Holiday Parties 
If you’re planning a corporate party this holiday season, or anytime throughout the year, this is a must-read article. Laurie Ruettimann, author of the forthcoming book, “Corporate Drinker: How to Survive, Thrive, and Build Belonging at Work,” explores the dos and don’ts of drinking at corporate events.