Monthly Recap: May 2023 at The Workforce Institute

Missed any recent insights, research, or podcasts from The Workforce Institute at UKG? Look no farther than our monthly recap. Here’s a look at our conversations from May 2023.

Nearshoring and the Impact in Cross-Border Workplaces 
Guest contributor Erika Sandoval, global senior partner of human insights in the strategic advisory group at UKG, looks at the growing trend of nearshoring and how businesses can benefit from it.

Managing Employees Through Grief 
Our special series on grief and the workplace continues with another guest contribution, this time from Adam Menne. Adam provides insight on what he’s learned as a manager and trained chaplain.

The People Purpose Podcast: Mental Health: Supporting the Whole Employee Beyond the EAP 
In this episode of the People Purpose Podcast, Co-hosts Chas Fields and Julie Develin revisit their conversation on a critical topic. Is there still a stigma attached to talking about mental health at work?

New Perspectives: Grieving the Loss of What We Considered Normal 
Nanne Finis, RN, MS, brings us our third article in The Workforce Institute’s series on grief and work. We’ve grieved a lot in the past three years. How can we adjust to the “new normal” post-pandemic?

A Current Conversation with a Workforce Futurist: Get to Know Alexandra Levit 
Our new “Get to Know” series continues, featuring a Q&A with workforce futurist Alexandra Levit. Find out what that role entails, learn more about her career, and discover details about her latest book.

Seven Business Lessons I Learned from “Seinfeld” 
What happens when the worlds of “Seinfeld” and business collide? Managing editor Brandon Bielich shares insights about his all-time favorite show and how “the show about nothing” connects to work.

How to Build a For All Culture: The Workforce Institute Weigh-In 
Because culture is everywhere, this month, The Workforce Institute Weigh-In offers strategies for building a great employee culture — not just for some employees, but for all employees.

The People Purpose Podcast: Making Meetings Make Sense: Meeting Execution for Different Personality Types 
Feeling meeting fatigued? You’re not alone! Chas and Julie meet to discuss how to do meetings better, including how to tailor meetings to different types of people, so they’re worth everyone’s time.

Remote Work and Tax Implications — A New Way to Co-Exist 
Finishing out the month of May, Dr. Martin Armstrong provides his expertise on the tax complications of remote work. If you have remote employees — or work remotely yourself — this is a must-read article.