Monthly Recap: April 2023 at The Workforce Institute

Missed any recent insights, research, or podcasts from The Workforce Institute at UKG? Look no farther than our monthly recap. Here’s a look at our conversations from April 2023.

What Women Want at Work: The View from Latin America
Ivonne Vargas provides The View from Latin America on what women are looking for from the workplace — such as flexible hours, an end to the gender pay gap, and greater career opportunities.

What Can U.S. Companies Learn from Japan About Reporting on Human Capital?
David Creelman and guest contributor Kuniko Takahashi explore what U.S. companies can learn from Japan, specifically in the increasingly popular practice of “integrated reporting.”

Laughing Through Tears: How a Supportive Workplace Helps with Grief
We stray from our usual format to bring you the first article in a critical series on coping with grief and how the workplace can provide support through this difficult process.

The People Purpose Podcast: Building Resiliency Through Managing Change Effectively
On this episode of the People Purpose Podcast, hosts Chas Fields and Julie Develin discuss how to effectively manage change and create resiliency.

Making a Global Impact with ESG Programs: The Workforce Institute Weigh-In
In The Workforce Institute Weigh-In for April 2023, our advisory board members look at the wide-reaching impacts of organizations’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs.

Servant Leadership Lessons and Growth: Observations from a CHRO
Our newest member of The Workforce Institute at UKG advisory board, Alex Smith provides firsthand perspectives on the power of servant leadership.

Servant Leadership Lessons and Growth: More Observations from a CHRO
Alex Smith returns with more real-time examples of how servant leadership can lead to success not only in the workplace, but at home. Alex is the CHRO for the City of Memphis and a working mother of two.

The People Purpose Podcast: Employee Communications: Getting Ahead to Stay Ahead
Wrapping up the month, Chas and Julie discuss effective communication practices for reaching employees. Learn why communication is critical to an organization’s success.