Month in Review: September 2022 at The Workforce Institute

Today’s post comes to us from Chris Mullen, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHRexecutive director of The Workforce Institute. 

September is already behind us and, before you know it, the holidays will be here! This past month at The Workforce Institute, we covered a breadth of HR topics — from manager training and management styles to quiet quitting and returning to the office. It’s another can’t-miss month, but in case you missed anything, we’ve got it all right here for you in one easy-to-explore recap. And, if you want these articles, insights, podcasts, and more delivered right to your inbox every week, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter today!

Manager Training Remains Critical in Retaining Great Talent
Advisory board member Dennis Miller opened the month discussing the importance of equipping managers with proper training. This is a direct response to last month’s Workforce Institute Weigh-In on the topic of our 2022 Workplace Predictions. A lot has changed since 2020, but — as Dennis aptly points out — “one essential element for business success is to ensure managers have the most current training and development to lead employees in this different environment.”

Quiet Quitting…or Career Correction?
By now, you’ve probably heard about the “quiet quitting” trend. In this guest post, Brandon Bielich, managing editor of The Workforce Institute, steps out from behind the scenes to discuss whether quiet quitting is actually something else — what he calls a “career correction.” You’ve probably read countless articles about quiet quitting, but this is likely the only one you’ll read that references the stock market!

What Kind of People Manager Are You?
If you’re a fan of those interactive Buzzfeed quizzes, you’ll love this one. We’ve created our own online quiz here at The Workforce Institute to provide an opportunity for some introspection. How would you describe yourself as a people manager? If you don’t know the answer, this exercise will help you discover it. Best of all, we’ll provide you helpful resources based on your personal management style.

The People Purpose Podcast: Decisions, Decisions: Combatting Analysis Paralysis
Are you overthinking before you’re making decisions? Does this lead to procrastination? In this episode of the People Purpose Podcast, Chas and Julie discuss paralysis by analysis, and ways to develop better decision-making skills. Plus, the business stat of the day is about how much procrastination costs employers. Don’t delay — listen today!

Reasons for Returning to the Office: The Workforce Institute Weigh-In
Return to the office (RTO) is one of the most highly debated topics in HR right now — you probably already know that firsthand. It’s also our most discussed Workforce Institute Weigh-In since we launched the monthly feature back in February. This month, 13 of our advisory board members offer their perspectives on ways to make RTO worth employees’ time. If you’re in the process of implementing a RTO strategy, or maybe rethinking one you’ve already implemented, you’ll definitely want to read this Workforce Institute Weigh-In.

BONUS EPISODE of The People Purpose Podcast: #HRTech 2022 Recap
Live from Las Vegas, it’s a special bonus episode of the People Purpose Podcast, with Julie and Chas providing a recap of one of the biggest HR shows of the year: the HR Tech Conference & Expo. They talk about trends they noticed, the big focus on recruitment and retention products, and just how many HR technology products are out there that can help move your business forward. Whether you attended the conference yourself or just want to learn about the latest HR technology, this is well worth the listen. Don’t forget to subscribe to the People Purpose Podcast to get new episodes like this one delivered directly to your podcast feed as soon as they drop.

How the New Virtual Office Could Improve Remote Work
On the heels of our Workforce Institute Weigh-In on the topic of RTO, advisory board member Dan Schawbel offers a different kind of hybrid solution: virtual workspaces. A virtual workspace integrates with existing platforms and offers virtual conference rooms, video chat features, and other ways for employees to share information. If you’re still debating the best way to implement your RTO strategy, check out Dan’s take and see if a virtual workspace could work well for you and your people.

Are Your Employees Feeling Economic Anxiety? Try Using Technology
Caring about your employees’ feelings, especially about the economy, might seem like it’s beyond your scope of day-to-day leadership — but it’s not. Great leaders recognize that the lines of life and work often blur, and what’s going on beyond the walls of your organization can, and often will, impact your people inside the organization. I recently chatted with my colleague Jayson Saba from UKG, and we discussed that very topic. Replay our informative webinar, “Leveraging Technology to Help Calm Your People’s Economic Anxiety,” to learn strategies you can use right now to calm your employees’ economic anxiety, support their life-work journeys, and move your business forward.

The People Purpose Podcast: Seasons Change: Falling Into Shaping the Future Through Internships
Chas and Julie wrapped up our month with a third episode of their always-awesome podcast. This time, they talked all about internships— the value interns can bring to organizations, the benefits for both interns and businesses, and how internships can lead to full-time roles with companies. Give it a listen today!