Month in Review: May 2022 at The Workforce Institute

Today’s post comes to us from the Executive Director of The Workforce Institute, Chris Mullen, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR.

Another month is in the books at The Workforce Institute, and what a month it’s been! As we head into the summer, we’re not slowing down at all. Keep it here for biweekly updates featuring diverse perspectives from our expert advisory board. And if you missed any articles, podcasts, or videos from the past month, check out the May 2022 recap below!

It’s Time to Check in with Your Employees About Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s an appropriate time to discuss employee check-ins. A check-in doesn’t have to be formal, and it can take many forms, just so long as it actually happens. This post provides a few tips to help you get the conversation started.

Is the Great Resignation Rife with Great Regret?

A new UKG survey of pandemic-era job quitters finds that 43% who left now say they were better off at their previous jobs. That means more than 15 million people have had second thoughts! The report — titled “Resign, Resigned, or Re-Sign?” — is a real eye-opener and provides some fascinating insights. This is the first of several articles exploring what our research revealed.

The People Purpose Podcast: No Lies, Some Regrets, and the Quitting Disconnect

As we found in our research on people who left a job during the pandemic, the grass isn’t always greener at a different company. In this episode of the People Purpose Podcast, beloved hosts Chas Fields and Julie Develin dive into the results of the study and also chat about the concept of “boomerang” employees.

Boomerangs Are Returning: Catch ’Em If You Can!

BONUS POST: May was so busy at The Workforce Institute, we included a bonus article! This one explores boomerangs — workers who leave a company and later return to that same company. While this isn’t a new concept (we covered the concept back in 2015), we’re seeing an increase in boomerangs during the pandemic, and some changes in perspectives.

Why Stay Interviews Are the Best-Kept Secret to Retention

With all this talk about resignations, you’re probably wondering how you can prevent workers from leaving in the first place. That’s where stay interviews come in. If you’re new to this idea, or you’re looking to improve your methodology, you’ll definitely want to check out this article.

It’s Not Just Pay Driving the Great Resignation

In this post, our resident labor market expert, John Frehse, takes a look at what’s driving the mass exodus of employees (AKA the Great Resignation). In March 2022, about 4.5 million people quit their jobs for one reason or another. While pay often ranks at the top of the reasons for a departure, as John writes here, compensation isn’t the only kind of currency employees care about. 

Workforce Institute Weigh-In: The Best Questions to Ask in a Stay Interview

Our monthly feature, The Workforce Institute Weigh-In, continues with more strategies for conducting stay interviews. That’s right, this practice is so critical to retention, we covered it twice in one month! This time, several of our advisory board members offer their thoughts on the best questions to ask in a stay interview. 

The People Purpose Podcast: Just. Keep. Going. What Keeps YOU Motivated?

If it feels like work gets really tough sometimes and you just want to quit, you’re not alone. In fact, according to Workvivo, 98% of employees say they’re burnt out and are open to quitting their jobs! With that in mind, this episode of the People Purpose Podcast explores ways to keep motivated. Maybe it’s working while jamming out to a solid playlist or having the proper resources to get your work done in a less stressful way. Chas and Julie share their thoughts in hopes it’ll inspire all of us to just keep going!

Nurses Month: Highlighting the Many Ways Nurses Make a Difference

May is also Nurses Month, and my colleagues at UKG have spent the past month celebrating the countless ways that “Nurses Make a Difference” every day. This post from Nanne Finis, RN, MS, chief nurse executive at UKG, highlights the many ways we’ve been honoring nurses throughout the world. I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up this month than with a sincere thank you to the millions of nurses around the world caring for us. Thank you!