Month in Review: July 2022 at The Workforce Institute 

Today’s post comes to us from Executive Director of The Workforce Institute, Chris Mullen, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR
Happy summer! Hopefully, things have slowed down a bit and you’ve had some time to relax and recharge over the past few weeks. Here at The Workforce Institute, it’s been business as usual. We’re delighted to continue bringing you the same great articles, research, and podcasts you’ve come to expect from our advisory board of experts. If you missed anything from us the past month, here’s your recap of July 2022.

The People Purpose Podcast: Cut the Cookie-Cutter Learning — Part One
We started the month with part one of a two-part discussion on learning development from the People Purpose Podcast. In this episode, Chas Fields and Julie Develin talk about how some organizations are missing the mark when it comes to training and developing their employees, and they discuss ways to identify flaws in your own training to improve your organization’s people-development programs.

New Research: Is Manufacturing Stability in Sight?
With fears of a recession starting to resurface more and more among record inflation, what does it mean for industries, companies, and workers in the short and long term? In this post, I focused on the manufacturing industry. The latest study from The Workforce Institute — titled “Is Stability in Sight?” — examines the future state of manufacturing in the United States and this article breaks down a few of the most noteworthy findings from the research.

Summer Listening List: Top HR Podcasts to Subscribe to Today
Speaking of podcasts, if you like the People Purpose Podcast, you’ll definitely want to check out the podcasts featured on our new Summer Listening List. Did you know many of our advisory board members also host awesome podcasts? If you’re looking for a new favorite, or just want to learn more about how to be successful in HR and business, be sure to click the link above and subscribe to these top podcasts today!

Rethinking Employee Discipline in a Tight Labor Market
Despite said fears of a recession, employees are still quitting in record numbers and leaving their employers scrambling to fill critical staffing positions. The scenario poses an interesting question: should employers think twice before disciplining an employee or letting them go for a minor infraction, such as decreased productivity, given the current recruiting challenges? Advisory board member Dennis Miller explores this thought-provoking topic.

The People Purpose Podcast: Cut the Cookie-Cutter Learning — Part Two
As promised, Chas and Julie dedicated a second episode of their podcast in July to employee learning and development — yep, the topic is that important! We’re all different types of learners and there’s no one-size-fits-all effective approach. In this episode of the People Purpose Podcast, you’ll learn how to be proactive and cater to your employees’ different learning styles. Definitely listen to part one before you dive into the conversation here.

How to Promote Financial Wellness with Employees: The Workforce Institute Weigh-In
For our latest edition of our monthly feature, The Workforce Institute Weigh-In, we covered financial wellness. This was a direct response to Chas and Julie’s recent episode of the People Purpose Podcast on the same critical topic. In this post, we asked members of our advisory board to weigh-in on the best ways to encourage financial wellbeing among your employees and what organizations can do to help their people achieve financial goals.

Four Truths of the 2020s Workforce We Should Embrace
Advisory board member Alexandra Levit wraps up our month with an in-depth look at four emerging workforce trends we should all start embracing now. Alexandra is a bestselling author and futurist who focuses on what’s ahead for workers (and what it means for employers). This article is a great introduction to the topic. If you’d like to read more of Alexandra’s thoughts on this subject, I recommend her book “Humanity Works.”