Leadership in the Labor Shortage 

Have you checked out our popular “Leadership in the Labor Shortage” video series? Otherwise known as “No Suits, No Slides!” it features casual conversations about today’s competitive labor market and what organizations can do to retain their best people while recruiting more top talent.

Series co-founders John Frehse, senior managing director of labor strategy at Ankura, and Dave Gilbertson, vice president at UKG, have spent years studying the economy and what it means for employers. They draw from that expertise, as well as monthly jobs reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and ongoing workforce activity data from UKG, to analyze the current situation when it comes to talent across industries.

Hear their hot takes on what’s really going on out there and what companies need to know to be on the right side of the Great Resignation, all in a laid-back, impromptu, and informative style — no fancy business suits and no prepared presentations necessary!

Whether you’re new to the No Suits, No Slides! series, or you just want to catch up (or re-watch) past episodes, you can check them out below.

Episode 1: Hiring, Turnover, and the Economy
Episode 2: Where Did All the Workers Go? How Can We Get Them Back?
Episode 3: How Meaningful ESG Drives Performance: Part One
Episode 4: How Meaningful ESG Drives Performance: Part Two
Episode 5: Showing Gratitude for the Frontline Workforce
Episode 6: What Can Organizations Do About the Ongoing Labor Shortage?
Episode 7: Why Organizations Should Care About Belonging, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Episode 8: The Three Biggest Trends Impacting the Labor Shortage
Episode 9: What to Make of the Monthly Jobs Report
Episode 10: The Latest on the Labor Shortage
Episode 11: Top 5 Ways to Recruit (and Retain) Talent in a Tight Labor Market
Episode 12: Corporate Surveys: It Is Not About the Badge
Episode 13: Economy vs. Labor Market - Step 1: Admitting You Have a Problem
Episode 14: The Healthcare Labor Market: The Forecast Calls for Pain
Episode 15 — Part 1 (with Bill Beach): The Collapse of the Labor Market
Episode 15 — Part 2 (with Bill Beach): The Day the Labor Market Blew Up
Episode 15 — Part 3 (with Bill Beach): Inflation, Jobs, and the Economy: What We Know

Prefer a playlist? Watch the entire Leadership in the Labor Shortage series via Ankura’s YouTube channel.

Want more analysis on the economy and current labor market? Check out the UKG Workforce Activity Report and register for a monthly live market briefing.