Introducing “HR Hot Takes” from the UKG Workforce Institute

We’re excited to deliver another new feature from The Workforce Institute at UKG. Introducing “HR Hot Takes,” a weekly video series available exclusively on our LinkedIn page!

HR Hot Takes are casual anecdotes from our advisory board members and other industry experts. Like our recently debuted “Get to Know” series, which launched at The Workforce Institute last week, these clips are designed to showcase a more personal side of our team.

You’ll hear stories from early in their careers, their current perspectives on company culture, and input on some fun, fantastical topics like which Disney character they think would make the best boss.

The series premiered in January with Alexandra Levit sharing the best workplace perk she’s ever received (without spoiling the story, it involves New Year’s Eve). We’ve since heard from Kate Bischoff, with her positive take on office complaints; Sharlyn Lauby, who shares an HR horror story; and John Frehse and Dan Schawbel talking company culture. Our latest episode features both Joey Price and Laurie Ruettimann sharing their favorite company perks, too.

And when one or two HR Hot Takes just won’t suffice, then it’s time for Rapid Fire! In our first Rapid Fire episode, hear from multiple industry leaders revealing their first jobs. Learn how they entered the workforce and how these humble beginnings helped paved their successful career paths.

There’s only one place to find our HR Hot Takes every week. Follow The Workforce Institute on LinkedIn today to ensure you don’t miss a single episode!