Industry Insights: A Look at the Latest Leading Healthcare Industry Brief  

We’re at an inflection point in healthcare, where the transformation that’s needed requires a new way of thinking. The Fall 2023 Leading Healthcare industry brief is now published, and I’m thrilled to provide a preview here of what you can expect from reading it. 
In this latest Leading Healthcare industry brief, I focus on three significant trends that will shape how successful healthcare organizations will move forward and thrive: 1) Building a life-centric workforce, 2) the strategic adoption of technology and AI, and 3) designing a competency-based organization. 
Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the past three years challenged healthcare organizations as never before. The healthcare workforce, already facing serious shortages, shouldered much of the enormous demand caused by the pandemic. Record numbers of those at the sharp end of patient care — physicians and nurses — resigned from their jobs, and, in some cases, left their professions altogether. 
This epic disruption spotlighted a critical lesson for leaders: Healthcare organizations simply cannot function without a robust, resilient, and sustainable workforce. The traditional ways of workforce management, from recruitment to staffing to working within rigid “job lanes,” no longer meet the challenges of this rapidly evolving landscape. 
Today’s healthcare workers seek meaningful work, as well as opportunities for professional development and career advancement. They demand that leaders ease the frustrations of working with antiquated manual systems. 
Flexibility is key. 
Innovative organizations are using this seismic shift to redesign their entire model of work, by focusing on competencies rather than job descriptions, by reconfiguring patient care teams in creative and flexible ways, and by adopting technology to alleviate administrative burdens and improve patient care. 
Download the Fall 2023 Leading Healthcare industry brief to learn more about these three trends and how they offer opportunities to truly reimagine healthcare in ways that will engage and energize our workforce and, ultimately, deliver superior patient care. 
This time is very challenging for us all, as we are confronted consistently with so much information and calls to action. I hope you find the latest leading healthcare industry brief helpful. I “scrubbed the literature” and spoke to two members of the UKG Chief Nurse Executive Advisory Board in producing the brief. My hope in sharing this information is to lessen your burden and share sources of evidence and perspectives that are compelling and accessible for you.