Essential Onboarding Steps for Every Employee — Even Seasonal 

With seasonal hiring ramping up as we approach the holiday season, let’s talk about the many ways to successfully onboard your new employees — especially your seasonal, part-time, and temporary employees.

Some organizations may view onboarding as a practice reserved for long-term employees and not short-term staff like seasonal employees or even interns. However, it’s critical to not fall into a common trap of thinking, “What’s the point in providing an impactful onboarding program for temporary employees? They’ll be leaving soon anyway!”

But that’s underestimating the long-term value of a great onboarding program — yes, even for seasonal hires. After all, you might want to welcome them back next year as boomerangs, they might become brand ambassadors for your company, or they might help recruit or refer other great seasonal and full-time talent to your company.

They say you only get one chance to make a quality first impression. In the world of work, onboarding is that chance. Onboarding sets the tone for the overall employee experience, and also introduces new hires to your company culture. Not only can successful onboarding drive an employee’s productivity and performance, it can also fuel a greater sense of belonging at the organization.

On the other side, a negative onboarding experience can result in a number of negative business impacts — such as trying to fill unexpected talent gaps if an employee quits the company outright (seasonal employees can decide to leave early, too).

And, in this era of mass resignations, it doesn’t take much motivation nor much time for employees to reach that decision. In our “Resign, Resigned, or Re-sign?” study on workers who quit during the pandemic, we found that 41% of workers went from not thinking about quitting to actually quitting in under 30 days! Two of the reasons people cited for quitting were “no sense of belonging” and “poor company culture.”

Here at The Workforce Institute, we don’t just talk about the challenges facing HR — we also provide solutions. I’m pleased to share our guide, “Essential Onboarding Steps for Every New Employee,” where you’ll find tips and strategies on fostering a better workplace experience for new hires. You’ll learn how to best serve your people from day one, and even before they start at the company, including practical action items for the employee’s first four weeks on the job.

A positive onboarding experience is crucial to giving your new hires the tools they’ll use to build foundations for their roles, setting them up for success while helping your business. Check out our onboarding guide and start improving your workplace today!