Your Next Employees Might Be Hiding – Here’s How to Find Them

Man with tablet in warehouse

Looking to hire more employees but can’t find any? There’s a chance they might be hidden.

Recent research by Accenture and Harvard Business School found that there are more than 27 million people who want to work but who face barriers that keep them “hidden” from potential employers. The barriers vary and can include everything from gaps on resumes, to physical or mental health challenges, or family responsibilities.


Man holding tablet in warehouse

As employers continue to grapple with labor shortages and skills gaps thanks to continued disruption, the need to find these hidden workers has a new significance. But what’s the key to less hiding and more seeking?

A new interactive experience by UKG and Accenture looks at different scenarios that illustrate how the right workforce management solution can empower organizations to provide the flexibility and resources that once-hidden-workers need to actively participate in the workforce.

Explore the experience

Click Read Now in the embedded experience below and follow the prompts to visit "Anytown, Anywhere." You'll be guided to a cityscape where you can click on different icons to see how some employees and managers have navigated unique challenges to bring workers out of hiding.


Empowering employees and organizations

For large, complex organizations, the right solution often starts with a strategy. Through UKG’s partnership with Accenture, a global professional services company and a world leader in workforce optimization, we combine our market-leading software, UKG DimensionsTM, with Accenture’s role as a trusted advisor to drive the transformation of workforce management. Together, we bring a holistic approach to helping customers evaluate, define, and adopt an optimal strategy for a more resilient, agile, and engaged workforce.

With UKG Dimensions, we enable AI-powered workforce solutions with tailored industry experiences built on an intelligent platform that provides operational insights for more relevant, meaningful, and connected work experiences for all people, allowing employers to:

  • Understand and support people in a meaningful way and ensure they feel valued through solutions that really listen, like engagement surveys and advanced sentiment analysis, backed by global people analytics, as well as direct access to HR teams when and how they need it.
  • Recognize and reward people thoughtfully by offering flexible pay and scheduling, cash-advance options, and leverage deeper insights around compensation to demonstrate you are looking out for them.
  • Ensure continuity and strength of people operations from proactively preparing for unknown disruptions and regulations to remaining agile through digital transformation to ensuring people feel safe and informed.
  • Strengthen people’s skills and relationships so they feel confident about their future with digital learning options, ongoing performance feedback, and enhanced internal mobility.
  • Build an inclusive and purpose-driven culture where people feel a sense of belonging whether that's through accessible technology, capturing the voice of the employee around diversity and equality, or making it easier for people to give back to their communities.

Bringing workers out of hiding

Across the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, public sector, services, and distribution industries, UKG and Accenture are helping organizations to drive better business outcomes, including better employee experiences for formerly hidden workers.

27 million workers are waiting for the flexibility that will bring them out of hiding and back to work. Check out Accenture’s UKG Marketplace profile to learn how UKG and Accenture can transform your organization through deeper insights, more impactful interactions, and best-in-class technology.