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Former BLS Commissioner Dr. William Beach Joins the UKG Workforce Institute

The UKG Workforce Institute is pleased to welcome our newest advisory board member: Dr. William Beach, labor economist and former Commissioner of Labor Statistics at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
UKG Workforce Institute

Dr. Jessica Kriegel, Enrique Rubio, and Dr. Jarik Conrad Join The Workforce Institute

The Workforce Institute is pleased to officially welcome two new advisory board members — Dr. Jessica Kriegel and Enrique Rubio — as well as Dr. Jarik Conrad as our new executive director.
UKG Workforce Institute

From Candy to Punk Rock: Get to Know Laurie Ruettimann

Welcome to The Workforce Institute’s new feature, Get to Know, designed to help our readers get better acquainted with our advisory board of industry experts. To premiere our series, we include a conversation with Laurie Ruettimann. You’ll learn how she went from working in HR surrounded by candy to hosting the popular Punk Rock HR podcast. Plus, find out Laurie’s non-HR dream job. Without further ado, here’s Laurie!
UKG Workforce Institute

The Workforce Institute Celebrates 15 Years!

Believe it or not, this month marks 15 years of The Workforce Institute!