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How to Build a Winning People Strategy

UKG Chief People Officer Pat Wadors shares seven things she's learned about building a winning people strategy while leading 15,000+ people at UKG.
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On Productivity: How to Stop Overthinking to Get Things Done

Learn how to be more productive to improve your organization and its people. 
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Beyond Lunch: 4 Ways to Fast-Track Belonging for New Employees

Nearly 90% of employees believe that increased belonging results in higher productivity. So how do you help your people feel like they belong?
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3 Proven Tactics to Empower Frontline Managers

Explore three ways to empower frontline managers to improve employee engagement and your organization’s overall success.
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Don’t Press Your Luck: Focus On Retaining Casino Workers

Retaining casino workers is essential to closing the gap on the gaming talent shortage. Discover ways casinos can help retain skilled employees.
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UKG Ready Training — The Dog Won’t Eat Your Homework for This Class!

Find out what’s new with UKG Ready My Learning and how to enroll in classes today.
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UKG Dimensions — The Data Video Series You Can’t Live Without

Have you seen the Data in Dimensions video series? It’s designed to showcase data handling capabilities and help managers and business leaders utilize real-time data collected on the platform every day. Learn what videos are waiting for you on the playlist.
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How Interns Can Make the Most Out of Their Experience: 4 Tips from Actual Interns

Internships can be an incredibly valuable journey — if you know how to navigate them. Learn these 4 tips (from actual interns) to make the most out of yours.
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Start Your Summer Off Right with UKG Ready Weekly Training Sessions

Have you heard about our weekly release readiness training sessions? Find out what these sessions have to offer and sign up today!
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Six Questions About Workforce Ready Education Answered

It’s essential to understand what education resources are available to you, especially if you are a new customer of the Kronos Workforce Ready® suite. This blog highlights six questions regarding education opportunities that many new Workforce Ready customers might have.