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What Is HR Software? And Why Your Business Needs It

Learn the benefits of HR software and why it’s key to creating an engaging and inclusive workplace.    
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Workforce Management

4 Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent in Manufacturing

Job openings in manufacturing are at an all-time high. Learn the four most common challenges to attracting and retaining employees in manufacturing and how to overcome them. 
UKG Workforce Institute

Monthly Recap: March 2023 at The Workforce Institute

Missed any recent insights, research, or podcasts from The Workforce Institute at UKG? Look no farther than our monthly recap! Here’s a look at our conversations from March 2023.
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Workforce Management

Using Technology to Support Work-Life Balance for Nurses

What are the risks to patients, clinical staff, healthcare organizations/systems, and the industry as a whole if we fail to innovate critical systems? This blog shares eight design thinking principles all healthcare organizations should follow when developing clinical workload intensity systems.
UKG Workforce Institute

A Way Forward: Navigating Healthcare’s Staffing and Scheduling Dilemma

Advisory board member Nanne Finis outlines and defines the eight action steps that all healthcare leaders should consider adopting when it comes to healthcare's staffing and scheduling dilemma.
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Why Flexibility, Efficiency, and Recognition Should Be the Focus of Clinician Wellness

How can healthcare organizations create operational efficiencies that reduce the weight and stress being placed on clinicians and create a more supportive culture? Hint: It’s not about providing free pizza in the breakroom.
UKG Workforce Institute

Super Bowl Survey: Will We See a Spike in Absenteeism?

After a brief timeout, The Workforce Institute’s long-running Super Bowl survey returns with a look at how the big game impacts employee absenteeism in the U.S. workplace. We’ve covered this topic in depth since 2005, because we want to help organizations avoid being blindsided by the results.
UKG Workforce Institute

A Time to Ponder and a Time to Plan: Healthcare in 2022 and 2023

As we approach the end of 2022, one cannot help but think about the past year and what resulted — especially in healthcare.
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LA Fair Work Week Ordinance: What Employers Need to Know

Learn how Los Angeles’ new Fair Work Week Ordinance will affect employers and employees and how HR technology can help.
UKG Workforce Institute

More Thoughts on Managing Employees’ Time Off 

Advisory board member Dennis Miller offers his thoughts on how to manage employees who don't take enough time off.