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Why Reskilling Should Be a Pillar of Your Corporate Culture

As AI and other technologies redefine roles, it’s imperative that employees and businesses pivot and grow. Learn how reskilling can be a long-term strategy that promotes retention, boosts engagement, and gives individuals and their organizations an edge on innovation.
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How Skills-Based Hiring Could Elevate Career Opportunities

Skills-based hiring is a paradigm shift. It's a strategy that not only benefits employers by ensuring they acquire the right talent for the job, but also empowers candidates to showcase their capabilities beyond what their resume may suggest.
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2024 Megatrends and Workforce Predictions

Take an in depth look at the HR Megatrends and Workforce Predictions that we forecast will shape the world of work for millions of people in the year ahead.
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Five Ways to Encourage Internal Mobility in Your Organization 

Advisory board member, Sharlyn Lauby, shines a light on the often-overlooked gold mine of talent within companies—their current employees. In response to the latest UKG Workforce Institute Weigh-In on how to mine your organization for internal talent she writes that promoting from within not only boosts the company's recruitment strategy but also lifts the spirits of its workforce. By advocating for a fresh approach to career development that embraces upward moves, sideways shifts, and even the occasional step back, The HR Bartender encourages organizations to openly discuss and support career growth opportunities from day one, thereby aligning individual aspirations with the company's success in a way that feels personal and purposeful.
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Talent Intelligence Platforms Use Deep Learning to Close Skills Gaps

From Advisory board member, Alex Levit, AI and deep learning are transforming HR by improving talent sourcing and hiring in tight labor markets. By analyzing vast data, these technologies identify transferable skills, enabling talent intelligence platforms to match potential candidates with job openings beyond traditional criteria. This focus on a candidate's potential rather than current skills allows companies to adapt more flexibly to future needs, revolutionizing hiring practices.
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How to Mine for Internal Talent: UKG Workforce Institute Weigh-In

The UKG Workforce Institute Weigh-In for February 2024: What’s one way that organizations can successfully mine for talent internally? 
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These Are the Top Three HR Megatrends for 2024

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to share the top three HR Megatrends that will shape the world of work for millions of employees and organizations across industries. 
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Workforce Management

5 Creative Strategies for Addressing a Worker Shortage

Discover five innovative solutions to tackle today's skill and worker shortage in your organization.
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“Healthcare is a Calling More Than It is a Business” — An Interview with Dr. Henry Mintzberg 

Today we are featuring key takeaways from an in-depth interview between advisory board member Nanne Finis, and Dr. Henry Mintzberg, the acclaimed Canadian scholar and business management specialist.
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What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition? Overcoming the Perfect Storm

We’re launching a special partner series with Employ, called “What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition?” Over the next two weeks, industry experts from UKG will dive into new research from Employ and discuss current talent acquisition trends across industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to logistics and the public sector.