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Why Creating Purpose at Work Is Key to Retaining Talent

Job seekers and employees today are increasingly focused on finding purpose in what they do. Read how promoting the mission-driven nature of working in the public sector can help educational institutions and government agencies find and retain the best talent in this new world of work.
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2023 Priorities for HR and Payroll in the Public Sector

As we wrap up 2022, review five essential priorities for HR professionals in the public sector in 2023.
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UKG Has a New Public Sector Senior Fellow: Meet Bob Lavigna

The stakes are higher than ever today in government. Our expert in the public sector explains how government needs to change to attract and retain today’s best talent—and why it’s still such a rewarding profession.
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Procurement with UKG

The State of Louisiana has just issued a participating addendum to the UKG - OMNIA Partners contract allowing public agencies, including public school districts, to easily procure our solution.
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Three Best Practices for Hiring Diverse Faculty and Staff in Higher Education

Hiring with diversity and inclusion as a priority will make an impact on your educational institution in positive ways. 
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How a Proud City Built a Fiscally Sustainable Future

Learn how collaborative leadership, automated systems, and systematic checks and balances formed the basis for achieving what many would have deemed an impossible financial turnaround in Springfield, Massachusetts.
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Infrastructure Bill Means More Certified Payroll Jobs and Need for Automation

Are you ready for the impact of the government infrastructure bill? Now is the time to prepare your company for success.
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Why Is a Modern Payroll and Timekeeping Solution So Important for Governments?

Payroll and timekeeping are often overshadowed during discussions of new ERP systems, but their impact on employee engagement and financial performance is something that should be carefully considered.
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Public Service Recognition Week: Honoring Our Public Service Superheroes

Next week is Public Service Recognition Week (May 2-7, 2021) — a time to honor our public-service superheroes who build, maintain, and serve our communities. The pandemic gave rise to a myriad of new challenges on top of the already demanding work that public servants undertake — though it goes without saying that these individuals have risen to the occasion and deserve our recognition today more than ever.
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Value Added Resellers: Our Partners and Yours

Learn the benefit of utilizing value-added resellers (VARs) when procuring technology for your public sector organization.