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Life-Work Trends

The Power of Strategic Partnerships and How to Nurture Them

Looking to grow your organization faster, expand your offerings, or gain access to new customer markets? See how strategic partnerships can benefit both partners and customers.
Two individuals brainstorming
Life-Work Trends

The Big Game Brings a Big Spike in Employees Sidestepping Work

An estimated 16.1 million U.S. employees plan to miss work the Monday after Super Bowl LVIII. Open communication can help prevent gaps in coverage, build trust, and create a great place to work. 
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Leveraging HR Insights To Accelerate Business Success

Employee data provides a wealth of valuable business information. Learn how HR insights gathered throughout the employee journey can create strategies to help organizations thrive.
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Using the PAPA Model to Manage Risk

Advisory board member Sharlyn Lauby discussing risk management, and uses a model called PAPA to help develop and manage a plan to mitigate potential risk. Risks are varied in terms of probability and how fast they evolve, and the PAPA model can help organizations prioritize the different types of risk it faces and put strategies in place to address them.
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Workforce Management

Workforce Management: How to Elevate Your Workforce Planning

Learn four tips to leverage your workforce management system to support your employees.