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5 Must-Haves in a High-Performance Management System

Here are five things that a data-driven high-performance management system must have to keep goals continuously aligned and employees and teams inspired and motivated.
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Skills Recency Comes to Workforce Management Systems

Deskless and hourly workers are experiencing massive change — and workforce management (WFM) technology is evolving to keep up. The most impactful change on the horizon is that tech can now offer employers a more complete picture — including information about worker skills — to get the most from their people and optimize decision making.
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Workforce Management

Using Technology to Support Work-Life Balance for Nurses

What are the risks to patients, clinical staff, healthcare organizations/systems, and the industry as a whole if we fail to innovate critical systems? This blog shares eight design thinking principles all healthcare organizations should follow when developing clinical workload intensity systems.
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Why Flexibility, Efficiency, and Recognition Should Be the Focus of Clinician Wellness

How can healthcare organizations create operational efficiencies that reduce the weight and stress being placed on clinicians and create a more supportive culture? Hint: It’s not about providing free pizza in the breakroom.
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The Power of HR and Payroll Support Roles

HR and payroll are more than “back-office” support roles. Explore how a people-centric approach paired with data can transform your organization.
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UKG Aspire: 8 Leaders Reflect on the Future of Work

Workplace leaders share how effective managers, improved employee wellbeing, and a people-first approach are essential for organizational success in 2023.
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Why is hiring so hard right now?

Hiring trends are still lower than we'd like - check out our latest workforce activity data to see why and get ready for what's coming.
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Taking action with HR data: What people analytics can actually achieve

People analytics can't work in a vacuum - see how to align your HR data to actions that matter for your organization's goals.
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Getting practical with AI in HR: Can it actually help you help your people?

How do you have better conversations about AI in HR? By focusing on its value for your people. Here's what you should listen for.
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Looking to lead with empathy? Here are 3 ways people data can help

Business strategy and people processes don't have to be at odds for modern executives. See how HR technology can help you strike a balance.