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Life at UKG

“Enjoy the Climb”: How NWSL Athlete Christen Press Stays Motivated

NWSL Athlete Christen Press talks pay equality, her groundbreaking fashion business, and finding peace amid the chaos.
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Life at UKG

For NWSL Athlete Sydney Leroux, Equality is Worth Fighting For

One v. One: NWSL athlete Sydney Leroux talks her passion for pay equity and never giving up.
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The Far-Reaching Effects of the Gender Pay Gap

HR Technology and Strategic HCM Advisor Steve Goldberg breaks down the impacts of pay inequity and inequality—and how technology offers solutions to fix it.
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Life at UKG

UKG-NWSL Partnership: More Than a Moment — It’s a Movement

Brian K. Reaves celebrates the announcement of a historic partnership between UKG and the National Women’s Soccer League and shares why the league is the perfect advocacy teammate in the fight for pay equity.
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COVID-19’s Long-Term Ramifications on Pay Equity for Moms

Investing in childcare and in our mothers is an investment in the future and our economy. Find out what needs to change and how you can play a part.
Employee Experience

Addressing Pay Inequities Among LGBTQ+ Employees

Learn about the role of the HR leader in ensuring LGBTQ+ pay inequities and discrimination are addressed so all employees have access to the same protections.
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Life at UKG

The Gender Pay Gap is Real and UKG is Working to Close It for Good

Find out how UKG is working towards a more equitable workplace, and helping our customers do the same with the Pay Equity Dashboard within Pro People Analytics.
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The impact of DEI&B inequities and wage gaps on retention and engagement

Few things disengage employees as fast as discovering pay inequities at work - see how HR can stay ahead and ensure fair compensation for all.
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Finding Clearer Perspective on the Gender Pay Gap

Pay equity across gender identities and other demographics can only be realized through insights and action. Learn how gaining a clearer perspective can help.