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What is Employee Autonomy and Why is it Good for Business?

The definition of employee autonomy is having the ability to independently get work done. Here are five (5) activities that can remove workplace constraints and create a more autonomous work environment.
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How to Evaluate Employee Expectations

Research has shown that people-centric businesses are more successful. Follow these three steps to better understand your employees' expectations.
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Responding to the Human Energy Crisis by Managing Change Effectively

The chronic stress of change and uncertainty has contributed to widespread burnout and mental health challenges, a phenomenon that my colleagues and I call "The Human Energy Crisis." Yet change is also part of growing and improving. So how do we get things done with the least disruption and stressful impact?
Life-Work Trends

The Benefits of Emotion in the Workplace

Emotion in the workplace is an incredibly powerful force in driving business outcomes. Here are three ways to find your emotional north star.
Life-Work Trends

Why Are Women More Stressed Out Than Men?

Recent studies show women are struggling disproportionately to men when it comes to many aspects of their work experiences and overall mental health. While the “life” portion of the “work-life journey” is largely out of employers’ control, there are five significant steps employers can take to help ease pressures on women with the aim of providing more equity and support for everyone.
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The Value of Data Storytelling in the Workplace

Data storytelling is the bridge that connects metrics with people. Here, we make the case for data storytelling through the lens of ESG.
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What is Shared Value at Work?

When done right, creating shared value (CSV) at an organization can improve both society and a company’s bottom line.
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What is the Employee Continuum of Needs?

The Employee Continuum of Needs is key to workplace success in 2023. Learn how understanding the six stages improves engagement, retention, and mental health.
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The Power of HR and Payroll Support Roles

HR and payroll are more than “back-office” support roles. Explore how a people-centric approach paired with data can transform your organization.
Life-Work Trends

KPIs Reinvented: 5 Ways to Keep People Inspired

The secret to success isn’t to track key performance indicators—it’s to keep people inspired.