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Five Ways to Recognize and Celebrate International Nurses Week

It is critical that we pause at least once a year to reflect upon and recognize the enormous contributions of nurses in improving the health of individual patients, communities, and the world.  
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Prep for ACA Season with the UKG Ready Report Rundown

With ACA season right around the corner, review this edition of the UKG Ready Report Rundown to learn about three essential UKG Ready Reports that can help audit and manage your ACA data.
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“Healthcare is a Calling More Than It is a Business” — An Interview with Dr. Henry Mintzberg 

Today we are featuring key takeaways from an in-depth interview between advisory board member Nanne Finis, and Dr. Henry Mintzberg, the acclaimed Canadian scholar and business management specialist.
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What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition? News for Job Seekers, Recruiters in Healthcare

In continuation of our partner series "What's Trending in Talent Acquisition?" UKG Workforce Institute advisory board member Nanne Finis, RN, MS, chief nurse executive at UKG, discusses talent acquisition trends in the healthcare industry.
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Monthly Recap: October 2023 at the UKG Workforce Institute

It’s been another busy month at the UKG Workforce Institute. If you missed any recent insights, research, or podcasts from us, here’s a look at our conversations from October 2023.
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Industry Insights: A Look at the Latest Leading Healthcare Industry Brief  

We’re at an inflection point in healthcare, where the transformation that’s needed requires a new way of thinking. The Fall 2023 Leading Healthcare industry brief is now published, and we are thrilled to provide a preview of what you can expect from reading it, from advisory board member Nanne Finis.
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3 Reasons to Attend the 2023 UKG Industry Insights Digital Summit

For the past four years, UKG has hosted a virtual and complimentary conference for working professionals called the Industry Insights Digital Summit, a half-day event filled with thought leadership, expert-led sessions, and networking opportunities.
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Aligning Clinical Scheduling Extensions Budgets to Productivity Tools

In this second piece of a two-part blog series, we'll provide a sample process to guide you and unit leadership through reconciling budget metrics and making the needed changes in Clinical Scheduling Extensions. 
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Understanding the Clinical Scheduling Extensions Budgets

In this first blog of a two-part series, we highlight the three budgets used in Clinical Scheduling Extensions. Whether you’re new to Clinical Scheduling Extensions or you’ve been using the system for years, this review of budgets and how they’re used is for you. 
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UKG Customers: How UKG Fosters Purposeful Partnerships

Customers share how UKG builds meaningful and long-lasting relationships.