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Prep for ACA Season with the UKG Ready Report Rundown

With ACA season right around the corner, review this edition of the UKG Ready Report Rundown to learn about three essential UKG Ready Reports that can help audit and manage your ACA data.
Working Smarter Café

Aligning Clinical Scheduling Extensions Budgets to Productivity Tools

In this second piece of a two-part blog series, we'll provide a sample process to guide you and unit leadership through reconciling budget metrics and making the needed changes in Clinical Scheduling Extensions. 
Working Smarter Café

Understanding the Clinical Scheduling Extensions Budgets

In this first blog of a two-part series, we highlight the three budgets used in Clinical Scheduling Extensions. Whether you’re new to Clinical Scheduling Extensions or you’ve been using the system for years, this review of budgets and how they’re used is for you. 
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UKG Customers: How UKG Fosters Purposeful Partnerships

Customers share how UKG builds meaningful and long-lasting relationships.
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Workforce Management

Healthcare Scheduling Software: 3 Ways to Improve Healthcare Staffing

Three ways healthcare scheduling software can help you reduce your reliance on costly staffing agencies to benefit your employees and your bottom line.  
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Saluting Nurses: Agents for Change and Compassion

UKG is proud to celebrate Nursing Month this May by sharing the personal stories of two dedicated professionals who are true agents of change while bringing patients care, comfort, and healing.
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Using Technology to Support Work-Life Balance for Nurses

What are the risks to patients, clinical staff, healthcare organizations/systems, and the industry as a whole if we fail to innovate critical systems? This blog shares eight design thinking principles all healthcare organizations should follow when developing clinical workload intensity systems.
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Workforce Management

Healthcare is on a Data-Driven Improvement Journey. But Who Will Lead the Change?

UKG’s Chief Nurse Executive shares the benefits of coaching, connection, and collaboration to enrich your employees’ careers and unleash the power of healthcare data.
Life-Work Trends

3 Proven Tactics to Empower Frontline Managers

Explore three ways to empower frontline managers to improve employee engagement and your organization’s overall success.
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How Long Will the Labor Market Stay Consistent?

In its latest labor market update, UKG analyzes workforce data for September to understand how long the labor market will stay steady.