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Using Technology to Support Work-Life Balance for Nurses

What are the risks to patients, clinical staff, healthcare organizations/systems, and the industry as a whole if we fail to innovate critical systems? This blog shares eight design thinking principles all healthcare organizations should follow when developing clinical workload intensity systems.
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Why Are Women More Stressed Out Than Men?

Recent studies show women are struggling disproportionately to men when it comes to many aspects of their work experiences and overall mental health. While the “life” portion of the “work-life journey” is largely out of employers’ control, there are five significant steps employers can take to help ease pressures on women with the aim of providing more equity and support for everyone.
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Op-Ed: The Role of Tribal Instincts in the Misinformation Age

Employers have a significant role to play in creating a culture that is inclusive of all people to combat misinformation and improve society.
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The 5 Elements of a Healthy Workplace

What the Surgeon General’s new warning on toxic workplaces means for employees and employers.
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Is Your Workplace Worsening Your People’s Mental Health?

The impact of poor mental health on business is substantial. Learn the caution signs and how your organization can make a difference.
Employee Experience

A Holistic Approach to Keeping Your People Safe

Getting staff back to work is the most important thing businesses can do at the moment and this requires confidence that practical steps are being taken to keep them safe by limiting their exposure to infection.
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Leveraging Technology to Redefine the Healthy Workplace

There’s no denying that technology has done an amazing job at enabling remote work. There is a plethora of tools available to help with collaboration, productivity, efficiency, and so much more. But what about in situations when remote work is not possible, or not even wanted? How do you keep your business and your employees safe?