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Unmasking Job Scams: How to Safeguard Yourself in the Digital Job Market

In our increasingly digital world, we are becoming more aware and vigilant of the risks of everyday activities. One scam that’s seen an uptick in recent years is the existence of fraudulent job offers, or job scams. 
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UKG Joins the Future of Privacy Forum: Driving Industry Excellence in Privacy and AI Governance

Learn how the Future of Privacy Forum will deepen UKG’s commitment to the responsible and ethical use of AI. 
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Data Controller vs. Processor: Understanding the Key Differences

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a data controller vs. processor is critical in the era of digital transformation. 
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Why Your People Are Key to An Effective AI Strategy

Human-centered, people-focused AI is the key to building an effective and purposeful AI strategy. 
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Employee Privacy Rights in 2023: What Should Employers Expect?

The privacy landscape continues to shift as the U.S. pushes for greater individual privacy rights. Here, we break down what employers need to know.