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Find it Faster with Your People Analytics Upgrade

Your UKG Pro® People Analytics solution upgrade to IBM® Cognos® version 11.2.4FP3 provides new tools for analyzing your people data, including new search functionality, dashboard enhancements, and a redesigned user interface.

Our Most Experienced Customers Agree: Make Year-End Year-Round

We know how much work goes into a successful year-end. That’s why we want to share advice from customers who have aced the process. We’ll discuss why it’s essential to consistently prepare for year-end all year round and provide some handy resources to help you stay on track.

Year One of the New UKG Community: Celebrating Connection, Collaboration, and Our Most Valuable Neighbors

The new UKG Community turned one year old. Read on to see what the celebration is all about.

Empowering Employees Through UKG Pro WFM Employee Self-Service

An Innovation Award winner shares how her organization is using Employee Self-Service to drive employee engagement and satisfaction and how you can too. 
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Life-Work Trends

The Power of Strategic Partnerships and How to Nurture Them

Looking to grow your organization faster, expand your offerings, or gain access to new customer markets? See how strategic partnerships can benefit both partners and customers.
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Building Great Workplaces: The Power of a UKG Partnership

Customers share how their UKG partnership brings to life their great workplace mission and inspires employees to have the time of their lives at work.
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Why Confidence is Key to Customer Experience and Retention

UKG shares how customer experience and retention are deeply rooted in emotion and confidence.
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UKG Customers: How UKG Fosters Purposeful Partnerships

Customers share how UKG builds meaningful and long-lasting relationships.
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The Power of Partnership:
Giving Voice to Customers and Unlocking Opportunities

Jane Graham, Group Vice President of Relationship Management at UKG, shares three ways UKG puts customers and their people first. 
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The Magic of Purpose-Driven Partnerships: UKG Customers Share Their Success Stories

Are the HR solutions your company uses keeping you up at night? Learn how two UKG customers turned their nightmares into fairytale work experiences for their own people.