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Workforce Management

How to Revamp Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with Competitive PTO

Paid time-off policies have evolved to play a significant role in attracting and retaining employees. Learn how a more flexible approach can create a competitive talent acquisition strategy.
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5 Benefits of Automated Employment and Income Verification

Learn how streamlining the employment and income verification process reduces HR’s workload and empowers employees. 
Life-Work Trends

The Future of Benefits is Flexibility

Unlock the value of unused paid time off (PTO) to help your employees create flexible benefits packages to meet their individualized needs.
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7 Benefit Program Changes From the Secure 2.0 Act of 2022

Get ready to implement the extensive provisions outlined in the Secure 2.0 Act, which will empower employers and employees to build retirement readiness and a stronger financial future.
Employee Experience

What is the Employee Continuum of Needs?

The Employee Continuum of Needs is key to workplace success in 2023. Learn how understanding the six stages improves engagement, retention, and mental health.
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Life at UKG

Working at UKG: UKG Celebrates 5 Major Milestones in 2022

UKG accomplished a lot in 2022, and it shows. Here are five major moments from the past year.
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2023 Employment Laws: What Employers Need to Know

A new year means new employment laws. Here’s everything you need to know heading into 2023.
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ICYMI: HR News You Can Use—Inflation, Quiet Quitting, and More

Check out this month’s top industry takeaways and what they mean for employers.
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Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Employee Value Proposition—and More

Join UKG Chief People Officer Pat Wadors as she kicks off the 2022 Industry Insights Digital Summit and learn how to optimize your organization for the people you count on every day.
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Frontline Employees are Speaking Up. Here's What They Want From Work.

No one has felt the effects of the changing landscape of work quite like frontline employees. Discover their evolving needs in this data-packed blog post.