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Workforce Management

Skills Recency Comes to Workforce Management Systems

Deskless and hourly workers are experiencing massive change — and workforce management (WFM) technology is evolving to keep up. The most impactful change on the horizon is that tech can now offer employers a more complete picture — including information about worker skills — to get the most from their people and optimize decision making.
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The Value of HR Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Learn how modern, automated HR solutions can help you ethically use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve your workplace.
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The Power of HR and Payroll Support Roles

HR and payroll are more than “back-office” support roles. Explore how a people-centric approach paired with data can transform your organization.
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Doing Right: How ESG and HR Can Lead the Way

As ESG takes center stage, HR pros should consider how these initiatives benefit the workplace and their people.  
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The Far-Reaching Effects of the Gender Pay Gap

HR Technology and Strategic HCM Advisor Steve Goldberg breaks down the impacts of pay inequity and inequality—and how technology offers solutions to fix it.