When matters more than what: Insights from Daniel Pink and UKG

Man looking at watch thinking about timing

I'm sure you've seen some of the other posts we've published here around topics like change management, how HR professionals can engage their people, and even simply how best to keep up with regulatory compliance. But do you know what the common thread is across all these diverse subjects?

One word — timing.

That's right, one thing we've found consistently is that when you do something matters as much if not more than what you're doing, and we've taken that to heart in our own company's journey as we've joined Kronos and Ultimate together to form UKG.

Someone else who's thought a lot about this connecting thread both in our work and personal lives is Daniel Pink. He wrote a whole book about it called When that explores the science behind why certain things just work better at certain times and how you as an individual can maximize your success by aligning to those cycles.

In fact, there were so many connection points between the work we do at UKG each day and the topics Daniel explores in his book that we decided to team up for a webinar. Here are some highlights:

What you'll learn about when to act

The question of timing is something that can be explored at two levels — the organizational and the individual. It's all about striking the balance between the larger cycles of activity you're a part of in your business and how you personally work best over the course of your day.

To give an example on the organizational side, it's become clear to use through our recent research that HR is at a critical inflection point when it comes to HR-business partnership. How well HR's activities align to business goals matters now more than ever, and we believe UKG has come together at just the right time to help navigate these changes. That's why in our webinar Cecile Alper-Leroux, our VP of Products and Innovation, will walk through a few key points about how our transformation as a company has put us in the best place possible to also transform the HCM landscape:

  • The strengths that Kronos and Ultimate brought to the table from their long histories in the HCM and workforce management spaces
  • The unique common values that have helped tie our strategies into a single vision for the future built around people
  • How UKG aligned around and communicated that vision at just the right time to maximize our potential for success

But it's not just about the organization, and at UKG we recognize that — it's the meaning behind our new tagline, "Our purpose is people." Timing has to work for the people who power the organization or else major strategic initiatives will never get off the ground. Daniel Pink will talk about the insights he's gained around how each person can leverage the science of timing to maximize their success, even when major changes are taking place:

  • How our cognitive abilities fluctuate over the course of a day
  • When we're at our most innovative and creative
  • When it's most important that you refresh and reset
  • How you overcome being stuck on a goal or project

We hope you'll consider joining us on October 30th at 2pm, and that the takeaways you get from the session will help you drive the same kinds of successes we're already seeing in the early days of UKG.

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