Thanking Our Educators During Teacher Appreciation Week

teacher appreciation week

This past school year, every single teacher across the country was asked to support our students in ways they never had done before. Not only have they risen to the occasion, but they’ve also gone above and beyond to ensure that every student is able to continue learning, even during these extraordinarily tough times.  Bedrooms were never meant to be classrooms, but our teachers have put their dedication, experience, and love for education to work to turn bedrooms all across the country into places where students can achieve their academic success.

Teachers, thank you for your commitment to our students regardless of the circumstances.  Thank you for your creative and engaging lessons that inspire students to discover their passions.  Thank you for never giving up on the students who need you the most.  Thank you for everything.

This week, May 3-7, please help us give our teachers the recognition they deserve.  I personally had many wonderful teachers through my time in school, and I know many others experienced the same.  I think back and many of my teachers help shape and mold my future and helped contribute to where I am today.  I do not have children, but I have the wonderful opportunity to have 15 nieces and nephews.  They are all entering school now, many starting 4K and Kindergarten which are critical stages in their learning path.  They have all had miraculous preschool and elementary teachers and I’m continuously thankful for the love and care they’ve received.  But, even more, I’m heartened by the knowledge that there are so many amazing teachers out in the world, performing miracles and loving countless children day after day.

Children of our UKG employees wanted to say a few words about their teachers this week:


Though you are indeed miracle workers, it’s easy to feel unappreciated.  Your days are filled with endless requests from students, administrators, and parents. You’re tasked with doing what often feels impossible – getting large groups of diverse students to understand abstract and complex ideas, creating a positive society in your classroom, even when the outside world feels chaotic, and doing this all with a smile on your face.

You likely feel exhausted every day.  It can feel like no one sees the work you’re doing.  It’s true – you’re doing more than anyone can imagine.  You’re waking up thinking about your students and going to bed wondering how you can help them.  You’re pouring your heart and soul into other people’s children.  These other people are busy too and might not tell you how much they appreciate what you’re doing.  But even if they only knew half of what you’re doing, they’d be amazed.

Don’t ever forget this – you are a real-life superhero.  I knew this from my time over the past 15 years working in education – but I have personally experienced this seeing the transformation of my nieces and nephews.  It is truly amazing.  You deserve to be appreciated every single day.