Supermarket Employees, This One’s for You

Supermarket Employee Day



Supermarket Employee Day


Supermarkets and grocery stores are the backbone of our communities. They ensure that families are fed, and they provide jobs to people from every walk of life. Oftentimes, young people land their first jobs at local grocery stores — and in many cases, those working today in store support at corporate headquarters first started their careers as baggers, cashiers, or stockers.  

In addition to providing key services and economic opportunities, supermarkets give back to their communities, too. 83% of food retailers engage in community support and volunteer work, and actively build ties to their local areas through educational and philanthropic efforts. In 2021, retail donations to Feeding America provided 1.7 billion meals. Checkout lanes give their customers a chance to pitch in too, with over $605 million collected via POS fundraising campaigns in 2020, up 24% from 2018.  

To say that the last couple of years have been a challenge would be a vast understatement. The commitment that supermarket employees impart to the greater good, even when faced with adversity, does not go unnoticed. They have proven to our communities that no matter the circumstance, they will unwaveringly be there to provide food, essential consumer goods, and more to our families, neighbors, and friends. 

Supermarket employees, I am sure you’re exhausted. Your teams help keep shelves stocked at night and serve customers with a smile during the day. You have helped your communities to stay strong in uncertain times. Our immense gratitude goes to you.  

This February 22, 2022, on Supermarket Employee Day (and every day in between)… we want to thank you! 



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