Public Service Recognition Week: Honoring Our Public Service Superheroes


Next week is Public Service Recognition Week (May 2-7, 2021) — a time to honor our public-service superheroes who build, maintain, and serve our communities. The pandemic gave rise to a myriad of new challenges on top of the already demanding work that public servants undertake — though it goes without saying that these individuals have risen to the occasion and deserve our recognition today more than ever.

Each year, UKG puts out a call to our customers to nominate a “public service superhero” in their life. It’s always an eye-opening experience reading through the nominations and hearing the stories shared by coworkers. Public servants routinely go above-and-beyond and it’s not for the recognition — they do it because they sincerely care. 

In honor of Public Service Recognition Week, I’d like to share some of my favorite excerpts from last year’s nominations:

  • Stacey is a public sector rock star because of her empathetic and compassionate leadership. When several City of Southlake, Texas, employees tested positive for the coronavirus, Stacey and her team quickly formulated a plan to support affected workers and ensure workplace safety.

  • Denis is responsible for maintaining our Police Services building and equipment. During this crisis he has compassionately worked to make sure all 65 people who work here work in a clean and safe environment. He is so well appreciated by all of the officers and staff. He always has a smile on (even if we can't see it because he is wearing a mask). We all believe it is because of him that no one on the department has gotten ill.

  • Chief Bowlby has spearheaded the decontamination process for N95 and apparatus for the Pinellas Park Fire Department. Chief Bowlby expanded his process and offered cleaning of N95 for all first responders in Pinellas County.

  • Telfany uses innovative methods to teach emergency preparedness and life safety skills in the community. She empowers community members to take ownership of theirs and other's safety, creating a brother's/sister's keeper mindset.


Stay tuned as we’ll be posting new “public service superhero” nominations the week of May 3rd. Follow UKG on Twitter and look for our #PSRW post!