Nurses: You Truly Make a Difference

Nurses Month - Self Care

It’s here: A month-long celebration of nursing. This Nurses Month we have the welcome opportunity to recognize and honor the criticality of the profession and the impact that nurses have on the health and wellness of all people.  

At UKG, we are reflecting all month long on how Nurses Make a Difference, and each week we’ll delve into a specific theme.   


Nurses Month - Self-Care

Week one: Self-care

In this world of constant motion, change, disruption, violence, and uncertainty, it is well documented that we are all experiencing increased levels of stress. Whether you work in a direct care position, lead others that deliver care, or support nurses in other work settings, it is fair to say that the nursing profession at large is experiencing tremendous challenges.  

But now, as we rally our teams and ready our organizations to exit crisis mode, it is important that we as individuals evaluate our own wellbeing so that we may look ahead to brighter days with renewed energy and passion.  

This week, I took the time to reflect and read the literature behind self-care. I am fortunate, as my oldest daughter, Anna Finis, PsyD, directs the child mood and anxiety program at Compass Health Center in Chicago. Her perspectives as a clinician and as a therapist have given me some clarity on what self-care truly means. 

How do we bring our best selves to work each day?  

Individuals will experience stress in unique ways, and as our lives evolve so does our ability to manage stress. It is critically important to be self-aware and to check in with yourself. For instance, at work do you feel more distracted than normal? Do you feel irritable? Do you feel your work product is not at par with your normal output? These symptoms for many of us may mean that it is time to step away from work for a brief period in order to rejuvenate. In this moment, it is healthy to lean on your colleagues, peers, or friends for support.   

Self-care has many facets 

Self-care is essentially the focus and balance of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Are you able to manage this balance and maintain healthy boundaries between your work and other responsibilities or aspirations? Do you have a role model in your work or home life that focuses effectively on self-care? You may be aware that their work is typically done more efficiently, with fewer errors, and performed more joyfully. You might consider the attributes of this individual and how you can begin to mindfully introduce some of their practices into your daily routine.  

Take charge of your own wellbeing 

We as nurses are in a human business that requires us to bring our total healthy selves to our work. We must each learn to lean on our systems of support and use the tools and techniques available to take a pause, check in with ourselves, and make adjustments where necessary to maintain a healthy balance.  

The nation will celebrate nurses this month. In your life, it is important to take time to celebrate who you are and what you have accomplished.  

We are here for you  

Thank you to all nurses and to those friends, families, and colleagues that help us create time and space to self-reflect and practice self-care. At UKG, our passion is people, and we continue to innovate in the design and execution of tools to support you through all stages of your life-work journey.  

Access the Nurses Month blog page to learn more. Have a happy Nurses Month, from us all at UKG.